Did you know that the global human resources and recruitment services industry is worth $472.1 billion?

So says IBISWorld. It adds that growth in the segment this year will come in at 4.8%. But while there are facts about the industry, there are also some misconceptions making the rounds.

Are you curious to learn about some of the recruitment industry misconceptions?

Keep reading to see some recruiting myths that many people assume are true.

Myth: Recruiters Decide Who Gets Hired

Recruiters Decide Who Gets Hired

It’s false to assume that recruitment agencies decide who gets hired. Hiring managers are the ones who determine who’ll get the jobs in question.

That’s not to say that recruiters don’t play a critical role. They rule out unsuitable candidates, review resumes, interview candidates, and report back to the companies seeking to fill positions. But the companies call the shots.

Myth: Recruiters Can Only Help Fill Low-Level Jobs

Another myth is that recruiters are only good at finding candidates for low-level jobs.

The reality is that players in the recruitment industry can help businesses find candidates for jobs at all levels of the employment spectrum. So, whether companies need entry-level workers or C-level executives, recruiters can help.

Myth: Choosing Candidates Soley Based on Skills and Experience Is Best

Choosing Candidates Soley Based on Skills and Experience Is Best

While the best recruiter will tell you that a candidate’s skills and experience are important, this professional will also tell you that those criteria aren’t enough.

Finding someone with the right hard and soft skills is a big part of the puzzle. But it’s also important to consider things like the organizational fit.

All companies have a corporate culture. So, it’s best to find candidates who align with the corporate cultures of the companies they join. That’ll be best for the workers and the companies — a win-win situation.

People exploring career options or career choices will want to find companies that are a good fit for them. It’s not just about the salary, benefits package, and other fun perks. It’s also about the right fit for the parties involved.

Myth: AI Will Replace Recruiters

The emergence of artificial intelligence has led to speculation that AI will soon replace professionals in various industries like recruiting. But that’s not only highly unlikely — it’s pretty much impossible.

AI can indeed facilitate the recruitment process by eliminating many manual processes. But the human touch — which includes emotional intelligence — will always be the “it” factor.

The best recruitment agencies make all the difference in finding the right talent for open positions.

Steer Clear of Recruiting Myths

Steer Clear of Recruiting Myths

As you can see, there are some recruiting myths circulating. It’s important that you see them for what they are and learn the truth.

Knowing the truth will set you free and enable you to make informed decisions. If you’re in the job market or are open to new opportunities, it makes sense to know more about the recruitment industry.

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