In 2020, homeowners spent an average of over $13,000 on home projects and renovations. That’s almost $4,000 more than consumers spent in 2019!

Some analysts have called 2020 “the year of the home” because people focused on improving their spaces during quarantine. With the current state of the economy, many people are searching for ways to improve their homes without breaking the bank.

Luckily, decorative window film is an affordable and impactful way anybody can transform their home. And it can be used on much more than just windows!

Read on to learn about three creative ways to use decorative film in your home.

Three Unique Ways to Use Decorative Window Film

Many people are aware of the benefits of car window tinting, but they may not know about using window film in their homes!

There are endless ways to use window film, decorative or otherwise. Window film adds privacy, reduces energy consumption, and protects skin from sun damage.

1. Enhance Glass Cabinetry

Decorative Window

Glass cabinets are a relatively new trend in home design. They add light and openness to any kitchen space. However, glass cabinet doors may also reveal your not-so-glamorous Tupperware and sippy cup collection.

Adding decorative film for windows to your cabinet doors lets you conceal your dishes without losing the aesthetic of glass cabinets! Window decorative film comes in many colors, patterns, and shades of darkness.

2. Beautify Your Shower

Window Film

When it comes to using decorative film, window glass is far from the only option. You can use decorative film nearly anywhere in your home, including your glass shower door!

If you frequently get ready with your spouse in the morning, frosted, colored, or textured window film can add some privacy to your shower. You can experiment with covering the whole shower or portions of the glass with different films!

Window film is designed to adhere tightly to glass, so there’s no need for concern about moisture or peeling.

3. Make a Grand Entrance

decorative window films

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, bright front entryway? Having windows near your front door instantly makes a space feel warm and inviting.

Unfortunately, big entrance windows can also invite some ill-intentioned guests and looky-loos. Window film is perfect for enhancing front doorways and living areas. Some decorative window films give the look of etched or stained glass at a fraction of the cost!

You can still enjoy natural light in your home without displaying your life to the whole neighborhood. Plus, tinting large windows can help you save money on heating and cooling your home!

Turn Your House Into a Home

One of the best parts about owning your own home is that you can decorate it however you’d like. Although we’ve listed three great ways to use decorative window film, the possibilities are truly endless! Don’t be afraid to try new things and create a home as unique as you.

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