A dedicated cloud server, unlike a standard cloud server, is dedicated to only one individual or business. Dedicated cloud servers can be expensive, so small business owners often choose the more affordable cloud option. Is this really the right call?

There are plenty of ways that a dedicated cloud server can help your business. Read on for the top dedicated cloud server benefits.

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Improved Flexibility

Flexibility is everything if you own a small business that you plan on growing and expanding. You don’t want to be locked into something that you can easily outgrow, and you don’t want to stifle your own growth.

You’ll have more bandwidth and storage space and you’ll have more control over the features that you choose to have for your customers.

You can still have great features without a dedicated cloud server, but you won’t have as much control when it comes to changing things. Check this cloud services provider for examples of what you can get from your server.


One of the top dedicated server benefits is reliability.

When you’re on a shared server, you’re more likely to experience downtime. This means that you’ll have longer and more frequent periods of time in which your potential customers and clients are unable to access your website.

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As a result, you’ll be missing out on money. While making an upgrade to a dedicated server might seem expensive, it may end up saving you money in the long run due to the infrequent blackouts.

Better Performance

Overall, you can expect better performance from a dedicated server.

The average website viewer is going to leave a page if it’s not loading fast enough. You’re competing with plenty of other websites within your own niche, and if yours isn’t performing well, there’s no reason for potential customers to stay.

Consider your own experience as a website viewer. How frustrating is it when a site takes a long time to load? Or when it doesn’t load at all?

You’ll have fewer interruptions and quicker loading speeds, even if you have a lot of content on your website.

Better Security

Security is key when you’re running a business. While many small and medium-sized business owners don’t think that security is a large priority, they’re actually more likely to be targeted. Cybercriminals know that they don’t have access to high-quality security features and they’re quick to take advantage of that fact.

How a Dedicated Cloud Server Can Benefit Your Business

Poor security can result in longer blackouts and more downtime, a loss of assets, and a loss of valuable customer trust. It can make or break a business.

While generic cloud servers often claim to have the best security, you won’t be able to make any modifications for your own specific security needs.

Need a Dedicated Cloud Server?

There are plenty of reasons why more businesses are choosing to switch to a dedicated cloud server. The better reliability, security, flexibility, and performance make the swap worthwhile.

Is a dedicated server right for you?

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