Did you know that studies find that eating fruit can help fight against depression? Taking care of our bodies and mind can help prevent a sad feeling from turning into a lifelong problem.

Depression is a difficult chapter in life that most will have to go through at least once. For those who have never experienced it, you might be wondering if it is similar to sadness.

Are you curious to find out what the difference between depression vs sadness is? Read our article to find out!

Understanding Trauma

Anxiety and Depression

Trauma can manifest in your body when sadness and depression strike. Traumatic events can cause chronic depression in young people.

Sadness, however, is a natural emotion that can be caused by everyday events. Everyone is subject to feeling sad but not everyone is prone to depression.

When depression is experienced every day for long periods of time it is called chronic depression. Sadness is a fleeting feeling that can progress into a depression if unchanged.

Symptoms of Sadness

When someone is sad, they often appear tired, uninterested, or stressed. It is common to experience sadness after a shocking event or when frustration arises.

Not everyone experiences sadness the same. The way everyone experiences the depth of sadness is also different. You might think that someone is happy yet they are hiding their sadness.

If you are not feeling creatively fulfilled, this might also lead to sadness. Consistently being sad, however, can deplete your hormones and result in depression.

Top Signs of Depression


Much like sadness, depression can wear many masks. The most common signs of depression include increased isolation and loss of interest.

Depression is often described as melancholic and numbing. Unlike sadness, a depressed person may not display any emotion.

Am I Depressed?

Getting to know yourself is the best way to tell if you are depressed. People who have never been depressed might have a difficult time understanding what is going on.

This is also a good question to ask after experiencing a traumatic event. Trauma can lead to PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder.

PTSD is a reoccurring phenomenon that most people carry for the rest of their lives. Depression is a common symptom of this stress disorder.

If you have not experienced significant amounts of trauma then you might be experiencing a wave of sadness that will soon be replaced by a different emotion.

Mental Health Concerns

Some Amazing Natural Treatments For Depression That You Need To Know

If you are experiencing fluctuating waves of sadness and depression then you might want to consult your doctor about mental health concerns.

Sadness might be able to be transformed via therapy. Chronic depression, however, might require medication or a medical diagnosis. A forgiveness coach can also help you spot the difference.

Depression vs Sadness

Now you know all about the differences between depression vs sadness. Use this information to help guide you down the path of forgiveness.

Remember, traumatic events can create debilitating waves of sadness in your life. Seek out a support system to help soothe the situation.

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