The world is a huge canvas waiting to be painted by your footsteps, literally. If you are looking to make a huge impact on the world you are living in, you have to see the sights that compel and hear the sounds that convince. This means taking those monthly or annual expeditions, whether locally or internationally.

There’s a lot to see and do on this God’s green earth, some of which might include involving yourself in some daredevil adventures or taking some soul searching getaway trips. Going on a tour can take a toll on your finances and if you are on a financial fix, you’ll need to find cost-effective ways to tour the world. To cut the long story short, below are eight exciting destinations you can visit even when on a tight budget.

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1.   Israel

If you are looking for that one destination that won’t disappoint in terms of costs and convenience, then you have got to take the time to visit the nation of Israel. How much it might cost to travel to Israel is really not a matter of cost, but one that’s dependent on various factors.

For starters, it has to do with your plans. Before taking a vacation tour to any destination country, leave alone Israel, you need to have a bucket list of things you need to do and a checklist of things you need for your vacation. Secondly, you need to set a budget because come to think about it,   traveling costs a   lot.   For instance,  and as seen on the website, you’ll have travel expenses that you’ll need to take care of. As for such, you’ll need to come up with a budget that is all-inclusive depending on how you intend to travel and how much you intend to spend. Some airlines can be cheaper if you travel in economy class while others might cost you more. Either way, a tour to Israel will be an experience worth remembering.

2.   Jamaica

As you might be aware, Jamaica is a tourist beach destination that receives millions of visitors annually. This is a tropical country that’s favorable for most, if not all of the beaching activities. It’s a country that’s rich in cultural heritage and the locals here are friendly. While you might want to have some prior Jamaican Patois linguistic skills, you’ll have no problem communicating with the locals. You can visit Kingston Town to experience the rich cultural heritage or alternatively, visit the interiors for that traditional exposure. Fill your evenings with cool Caribbean reggae music while smoking the “herb”.

3.   Jewel Of The Pacific, Chile (Valparaiso)

If you are looking to tour the world while on a tight budget, then this is the destination for you. Chile, as you know it, is a fairly calm country with so many tourist destination spots. In addition to this, Chile is an active city that receives millions of tourists annually. The best part is that you can extensively explore Chile with just a few bucks in your pocket. However, you need to have prior transport and accommodation arrangements before making this huge leap of faith.

4.   Cuba

For those hailing from the united states of America or far and beyond, you have the opportunity of touring this great country and experiencing the tropical life during the warm summer months. You can check out the various “Haciendas” and wineries as well as the local restaurants for tasty Cuban cuisines.

5.   Budapest

If you are looking to tour places where your money will take you far, then this is the place. Budapest is among destination spots where you’ll experience picture-perfect locations, rich cultures, and not to forget affordable shopping options. This is among the only places in the world where you can take an exclusive dinner cruise without having to break your account. Not to mention is the fact that tour guides come at affordable rates and transport and accommodation are on the lower scale. Below are places to tour in Budapest when on a tight budget. They include:

  • Taking a tour in the Buda castle
  • Take a walk across the Chain bridge on the iconic Chain Bridge
  • Visit the Vajdahunyad castle and take walks on the adjacent city park
  • For those who love it in the great outdoors, the Karolyi gardens will provide you with scenic experiences as well as a place to cool off

6.   Madagascar

Visit On A Tight Budget

If you’ve never taken this path before, then prepare yourself for some exhilarating adventure. While it might seem like a tiny island on the map, Madagascar hosts about 25 million residents and has some of the most captivating sceneries offshore and in the sea. The picture-perfect beaches are not only inviting but they’ll provide you with a perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful country features and allow you to participate in the most daring water activities. And by

the way, don’t leave without tasting the local cuisines in the adjacent beach restaurants and public joints.

7.   Hawaii

For that perfect paradise tour on the cheap, then Hawaii is the place to be. Experience the cool evening tropical breeze while drinking a local brew under the shade of palm trees. It’s only here that the local cuisines are tastier than any other place in the world. If you ever decide to visit Hawaii, don’t ever leave without tasting the classic bowl of Saimin!

8.   Morocco

If you are looking to take a tour in Africa on a tight budget, then it’s got to be Morocco. The beautiful sand dunes in this arid African country will leave you speechless. You can participate in sandboarding activities, camel rides, or enjoy an evening of belly dancing performances by beautiful ladies wearing takchitas.

The fact that you are tight on a budget is no reason not to tour the world. But then again, you must prepare yourself by creating a budget. It’s said that failure to prepare is preparing to fail. This is not something you want when in a foreign country. Most importantly, ensure that you have your travel documents ready before the D-day.

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