Did you know that Americans spent around $420 billion on household updates in 2020? Renovations and modest updates can boost your home’s curb appeal and make living there more enjoyable. If you’re on the fence about where to start with your home, consider looking into your windows.

But first, make sure you know the options. Read on to learn about the different types of windows you can choose for your home!

Single-Hung Windows

Decorate Your Home Windows

Single-hung windows remain a classic choice when you need a new window. They open vertically and consist of two sashes. Only the bottom sash will elevate, giving these windows their single-hung designation.

The simple design and popularity of single-hung windows make them one of the more affordable window options. Be aware, however, that they can become more challenging to open as the weather takes a toll on the frame. And if you have any physical limitations, you may find them difficult to open and close over time.

Double-Hung Windows

Go with double-hung windows for an upgrade over single-hung. The difference between these windows is that both sashes can move in a double-hung window. This translates into better airflow.

In some brands, you’ll be able to find double-hung windows that extend outward from a hinge at the bottom of the window and midpoint. But many of these windows are configured to slide vertically.

Casement Windows

You may also hear casement windows referred to as crank windows. That’s because these windows crank outward from hinges on the outside edge of the frame. They look a little like a window version of French doors!

You can swing these windows open wide, meaning it’s easy to let in a lot of air. And you can get an unobstructed view of the outdoors when you open both sides as far as possible.

If you only have one window in a particular room and you need to install an air conditioning unit, steer clear of casement windows. They won’t anchor the unit in place. Additionally, keep an eye on the mechanical parts of the crank as they can lose their functionality over time.

Bay Windows

For a unique window type, try a bay window. These windows have a central window that juts out with two smaller windows angling toward it from the wall. On the inside of the window, you’ll find a platform where you can place decor — or create a reading nook.

You may be able to open the smaller, angled windows if they are single- or double-hung windows. This can help make the window more functional and increase airflow.

Double Hung Windows

Bay windows tend to create a grand appearance that can be the focal point of a room. Use them in kitchens, living rooms, or dining rooms to show off a beautiful view.

Picture Windows

Do you have an amazing view of a lake or wooded area? Even if your view is more modest, it still might be worth showing off. When you have a room that overlooks nice scenery, use a picture window to take advantage of it.

Unlike most windows, picture windows don’t open. Make sure that a picture window isn’t the only window in a room where you want airflow. Your best solution is to add casement windows to either side.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

Go with a sliding window if you want a simple solution that won’t take up a lot of space. They’re not as pricey as some windows, and they’re intuitive to use. Use them as an egress window or add them to a room where you don’t have enough space for a window sash to open outward.

If you’re hoping to capitalize on a stunning view, you might not like the vertical pane interrupting your line of vision. But for a simple and durable way to let in light and air, sliding windows make a lot of sense. Just be sure to turn to the pros for sliding window installation to ensure it’s done right!


If you’re looking for a unique way to let more light into a room, try a skylight. An interior office space that might feel cavernous will feel a lot sunnier when you add a skylight. Letting natural light find its way into a room can help brighten the room — and the mood of anyone in it!

Skylights look good, too. Place one in the master bedroom so you can watch the stars before drifting off to sleep. Make sure to keep them clean for optimal views, and always check for leaks after summer storms.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are named as such due to their resemblance to fabric awnings. The windows crank out and remain fixed at the top of the frame. They make a great companion to a picture window since they can be opened to let in the fresh air.

Decorative Window

The fact that awning windows are pushed out of the frame means you’ll need to be careful where you install them. If your window is close to a walkway, for instance, the window could hit passersby. Aim to put them on a second floor or the first floor with greenspace on the exterior.

Explore Different Types of Windows

When you look into different types of windows, you’ll find the best fit for your space. Choose double-hung or sliding windows for reliable windows that don’t take up a large footprint. Or show off a scenic view with a bay or a large picture window flanked by casement windows.

For more tips to keep your home looking its best, check back soon for new articles!

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