Marijuana is easily one of the oldest drugs on the planet. There are countless varieties of marijuana strains and even the base chemical, marijuana products, is used in many different ways. Traditionally this is a compound that has been smoked, and there are many ways of smoking it, however, more often it is paired with tobacco and consumed in the form of a cigarette or through some kind of inhalation device like a bong.

Enjoy Your Favorite Marijuana Products in Different Ways

Here are a few ways you can enjoy this plant both for recreation and medication.

1. Smoking

how to vape cbd oil

If you are looking to enjoy cannabis in the traditional way then there is nothing better than rolling up a joint. Pure joints have no tobacco and therefore none of the side effects associated with inhaling tobacco are involved in the process. If you are looking for an instantaneous effect, then smoking is the way to go as it gets the THC to your bloodstream the fastest. While there are other ways of getting a more potent hit, they usually take longer for the effects to surface.

2. Eating

CBD is effective for treating

Some people don’t like smoking in any form, whether that is tobacco or cannabis. For others, smoking just isn’t a viable option due to medical conditions, or the lifestyle they choose to lead. You can still get a good amount of THC in though, through some delicious marijuana edibles that are available on the market through a reliable vendor. However, always practice caution and moderation with this method. Edibles are very slow to act and it can take as long as an hour before you feel any effects; however, when the effects do hit, they hit more intensely than a joint’s immediate yet mellow effect. So even though it is slow-acting, it is quite a potent form of weed consumption and one that’s effects don’t wear off that easily either. This is more of an experiential form of consuming weed than it is a casual one, so be sure you’re in a comfortable environment and that you’re feeling grounded before trying it out.

3. Vaping

Tips On Finding The Best CBD Vapes for Sale

Vaping marijuana is a relatively new trend and has only been around for a few years ever since e-cigarettes gained popularity. In this method, you are using the THC oil itself rather than the entire bud. Vaping doesn’t have any of the drawbacks of smoking and the potency is also much higher than smoking a bud. What would otherwise take a full joint or even two joints can be achieved with just a few hits of a wax pen. Since it is pure THC, the potency of the high is much higher.

4. Spraying

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Spraying is the newest and least widespread form of consumption. You could think of it as a mouth freshener that has THC in it. Most people will spray this under their tongue to minimize the taste. Also, placing it under your tongue allows the spray to get absorbed into the bloodstream quicker. If you are looking for a very discreet way of using THC that also saves you the trouble of having to carry multiple things with you, this is the way to go.

When it comes to marijuana consumption, it should revolve around your safety and comfort first and foremost, and then your preferences and convenience. Prices for different marijuana products tend to vary a great deal. Getting some very high-quality THC oil would be expensive, but then you wouldn’t have to consume as much to get your desired effects. Also, you want to look at the long-term effects of each consumption method before you make your decision. In terms of damage to the body, smoking is higher on the list, with edibles being the most favorable for overall health.

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