Digital Marketing Statistics and Facts You Should Know

The digital marketing space is dynamic in nature. Over the last few years, the way marketing is done has immensely changed. Understanding these changes is key for your business to remain competitive. Plus, other businesses are employing advanced tactics to acquire more leads. Thus, if you don’t up your game, you will end up remaining in the bare minimum. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with the following digital marketing facts and stats. From mobile marketing, content marketing, to automation tools, statistics about digital marketing show that understanding key tools can propel your business to success.

Mobile Marketing

Nowadays, mobile is influencing how things are done—including marketing. Plus, the penetration of the internet is showing impressive results. According to experts, mobile marketing is going to be a pillar in the marketing field. So, if you want to take your game to another new level, think mobile marketing. Among other things, you should make your content mobile-friendly. Improve the loading speed. Ensure that the images are optimized for mobile. Avoid bad habits such as aggressive advertising, sloppy codes, and site bloating.

Search Marketing

The most chaotic part of digital marketing is the search. Plus, the Google algorithm keeps on updating its features and so SEOs have to constantly improve and change their strategy as time goes on. If they do not, they could risk their search position and possibly lose customers. That’s why marketers should always familiarize themselves with these changes to remain relevant. For instance, the use of voice search has been rising in the past few years. Plus, stats show that to rank high on Google (first page), you must have a content of around 1,790 words. Of course, voice search is the new way to do a search. However, it won’t replace the display. Visual content demand is also on the rise. Also, when creating content, prioritize long-form content. It tends to rank sites higher on Google.

Email Marketing

Besides social media marketing and content marketing, email marketing can also take your website to another new level. With email marketing, you have a marketing tool that can inject more life into your site. According to experts, you can use email marketing to generate more leads and boost your business’s revenue potential. So, set aside time to send emails. Preferably, send your emails between 4 and 8 pm. Go with segmented email campaigns. They have a higher effect than their segmented counterparts. Also, consider sending multiple abandonment email-based carts. They have a higher possibility of making your customers sign up. Pay close attention to relevance. Monitor the conversion rates. Make use of form optimization tools to influence people to sign up for your emails. Send targeted messages.

Conversion Optimization

The modern marketing era is quickly changing. Nowadays, mobile and UX are some of the most important features you should familiarize yourself with. Mobile and UX help improve conversion optimization rates. So, if you want to rank high on Google and generate more leads, think about making it mobile-friendly. Use ROI as well as CRO tools to track conversion optimization rates.

Content Marketing

Content is a powerful tool in digital marketing. That’s why you should prioritize creating good content. Write long-form content. Ensure that your content is optimized for mobile. Also, use the right keywords when creating content. Ensure that your English is up to date. Use relevant Meta tags and descriptions. Don’t forget to post fresh content regularly. Leverage on photography when it comes to implementing your marketing storytelling strategies. Plus, content marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing strategies. Investing in content marketing can help you generate more leads. However, you need strategic planning. Also, you should have a good execution plan. If you don’t have the time to execute your content marketing strategy, consider hiring an SEO expert. With an SEO expert, you have a partner with the right skills, tools, and resources to implement your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing

According to the stats, social media marketing is beginning to gain traction in the digital marketing arena. More and more companies are taking their game to social media. In particular, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are giving business golden opportunities to pitch their products and services to potential customers. So, don’t be left behind. You can drive a lot of leads from social media. Create great content. Post it on your social media handles. Learn how to schedule content on social media. Plus, you can hire social media marketing experts to help you pitch your service or product offerings. Use popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Twitter. Use more photos and illustrations. Use other social media marketing tools such as videos, articles, e-newsletters, and photos. Use high-quality photos when pitching your content on social media platforms.

Automation Tools

Technology has made digital marketing easy. Nowadays, you don’t have to do things manually. With automation tools, you can achieve tremendous results in a short time. Plus, using automation tools is easier and cheaper. All you need is to sign up with popular digital marketing automation tools. However, you should learn how to choose the right automation tool. Also, choose an automation tool with the right features. Look for the following features when choosing a digital marketing automation tool:

  • Scalability: Choose a digital marketing tool that can help you scale up your business options. Remember, you will need to expand your business. So, using a tool that allows for scalability will be a nice idea.
  • Cost: Select a tool you can afford. Of course, investing in high-end tools isn’t a bad idea. But you must look at the return on investment of that tool.

The Bottom-Line

Digital marketing is propelling businesses to greatness. Still more, the introduction of mobile technologies has made digital marketing exciting and easy.  So, if you haven’t invested in digital marketing strategies, you will be pushed out of the business. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot start it now and give your business an instant uplift. All you need to use the best digital marketing strategies. Plus, you need to understand the above digital marketing trends and facts.

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