Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding digital transformation and Salesforce in India, with many graduates looking to embark on Salesforce training in India to improve their career chances or accelerate their businesses.

Salesforce exponentially growing in India

In a recent news report, good news for the San Francisco-based cloud customer relationship software company, Salesforce, is expected to grow exponentially in one of the largest markets in the world. India is transitioning towards digitization and modernization of its systems, and Salesforce has been the perfect solution to aid in such a transition.

The majority of companies, corporations, and state banks work through thousands of files and records as part of their daily operations. Introducing a solution like Salesforce makes paper files and records redundant. This is also seen as a great way towards creating transparency in an economy that was once considered a “black economy”.

According to the Chief Executive Officer of Salesforce India, the pandemic has played an important role in helping the country move towards digital transformation. Retail and e-Commerce platforms have already embarked on this journey to help improve business efficiency, resulting in higher profits. In the current year, Salesforce saw a strong 26% growth in the Asia-Pacific market (specifically in India), showing a surge in the demand for customer-centric solutions.

The expansion of Salesforce not only looks towards implementing the solution across India but also creates a customer-support hub in the country to provide support services to the rest of the world.

What is Salesforce

Salesforce has proved to be a great tech solution that helps customers access all stakeholders from a single-window solution. For example, in India, many designers lost access to their customers when the e-commerce platforms they were operating on shut down. These designers are now exploring digital transformation for their businesses to stay connected with their consumers and expand their businesses. Salesforce can aid in that.

Salesforce plans on hiring more employees

Salesforce in India added around 40% of their entire workforce in just a single year, 2020. As the company grows rapidly, it seeks to hire more employees and expand its network across India.

Such aggressive hiring and the transition of local businesses/organizations towards digital transformation have created huge opportunities for local graduates and existing office workers. Individuals are embarking upon online and offline Salesforce training courses to get Salesforce certifications. But, how will Salesforce benefit the current market of graduates?

Advance your career with Salesforce

You may find that you’re stuck in your current career with little to no chance of getting a promotion. The competition is tough and standing out can often be challenging, especially in a market like India, which produces millions of graduates each year. Having a Salesforce certification can help you transition to a better job, allowing you to climb the corporate ladder quicker than others.

Salesforce is a great way to help employees plan, and an employee who is on top of their schedules is the one that gets all the praise. Knowing how to use Salesforce efficiently can help you manage your work better and deliver your KPIs.

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer

With Salesforce training, you’ll be better equipped to produce and analyze detailed analytics to help in decision making. Knowing how to use Salesforce can improve your career since the entire country is eyeing the implementation of Salesforce.

Let’s explore some of the courses available for Salesforce.

List of Salesforce certifications you can get in India

Salesforce is a very extensive cloud-based customer relationship management solution and has many different modules. Each module has different parts, all requiring specialized officers with the relevant certifications to operate efficiently. Different modules cater to various career paths; some are aimed at developers, while others are aimed at project managers, and so on.

Here are some of the certifications you can embark on in India:


  • Certified administrator
  • Advanced administrator
  • App builder


  • UX designer


  • Sales cloud consultant
  • CPQ specialist
  • Service cloud consultant
  • Service lightning consultant
  • Experience cloud consultant


  • Platform developer – 1 and 2
  • JavaScript developer – 1 and 2


  • Commerce developer
  • Commerce architect
  • Commerce administrator


  • Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • Sharing and Visibility Designer
  • Access Management Designer
  • Integration Architecture Designer

Before you embark on your Salesforce journey to help improve your career, you must align the certification with your expertise. If you’re a developer, think about getting a developer certification rather than an administrator one, unless you’re looking to transition from one career path to the other.

Learn Salesforce – it will yield financial rewards

The time is now. Salesforce is on a speedy climb towards dominating the market and becoming the leading CRM solution. India is catching on to the trend, with many organizations starting Salesforce Bootcamp creating huge opportunities for local talents to explore.

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