New York is a state rich in US history, as it is one of the original 13 colonies. It serves to house one of the most populated cities in the world, as well as offers a beautiful mountain range, works as a travel hub for the northern US, and accommodates much of our nation’s financial industry. So, it’s no wonder that nearly every virtual or remote-working business may want to take advantage of doing business in the cities of New York. If you’re one of the many business owners who wants to increase their business reach to the people of New York, knowing more about this state can help develop better business relationships in the long run. And, this can help in your search to find a New York phone number so you can increase your New York customer audience. 

Discovering Albany, New York

Of the 13 continuous settlements, Albany is the oldest. And, it is the capital of New York state. As such a historic place in our country, the city is defined by this heritage and showcases it throughout its culturally-inspired events, impressive government buildings, and hard-working residents. This city boasts a good economy, which allows for many career opportunities and a competitive but affordable housing market. Plus, a lively downtown area that accompanies residents with live music, annual events, and a cultural center. And, out of 125 reviewed metropolitan areas of the country, US News named Albany the 28th best place to live

A Little About Buffalo, New York

Buffalo is New York’s second most populated city, which is why it’s nicknamed “The Queen City.” It is home to almost 259,000 people. When most people think of Buffalo, they may imagine their favorite type of chicken wing, the buffalo wing, which was invented in the early ‘60’s by a resident of this area. With a rich history in this city, it’s still a wonderful place to live even today if you don’t mind the cold winters and frigid fall temperatures. Residents in this area are generally happy due to the lower-than-national average home cost, which makes homeownership possible for its residents. Plus, a growing population of students and millenials, which attributes to a growing art and music scene throughout the city. Certainly, Buffalo is a great place to live for those who choose to do so. And, it is also a great place to do business, whether business is local or remote. 

Some Things to Know About New York City

When people think of cities in New York, they often think of New York City. And, rightfully so, as it’s the most populated city in all of the United States of America. As of today, it’s thought that NYC is home to nearly 21 million individuals that speak over 200 different languages. Certainly, this makes it a very diverse and culturally acceptable place to live and work. New York City is comprised of five boroughs, or distinctive towns including Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, and Brooklyn. With each borough offering different history, architecture, and entertainment, the people living in this city certainly have many opportunities. However, unfortunately, with increasing housing costs and the cost of living being pretty high, it can be challenging to live permanently in New York City and its boroughs. But, if you can afford it, it’s certainly a city that never sleeps, making it possible to always find something to do.

Getting and Using New York Phone Numbers 

While every New York phone number is on Eastern Standard Time, they don’t all share the same area code. There are 12 different area codes in this state, and three just for NYC alone. So, if you’re doing business in New York, you’ll need to know what area you need to reach and get a phone number that matches that NYC area code. For instance, if you want to reach people in New York City, you’ll need a New York City phone number. However, since there are three different area codes in this city, you’ll need to determine which one you want to use depending on the location of your target consumer audience. 

Closing: Get Your New York Phone Number

Once you’ve determined the cities in New York and the area codes you wish to target, you can get your business phone number from a company like Global Call Forwarding. Virtual phone numbers allow you to set up new numbers to your already existing business phone system or cell phone. And, you can add or subtract phone numbers whenever you need to simply and easily. Plus, you have the option to take advantage of any phone features available to make the service accommodate your needs.

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