Do you find that it is hard to keep hold of your mobile device? A huge number of us find it hard to keep our mobiles in the same condition as when we got them, and this is largely due to the difficulties associated with keeping hold of our devices. Modern phones are designed to be small and sleek and stylish, but this can compromise their strength and can make it incredibly easy to break them, which is why it is so important for people to be able to have a good grip on their devices.

Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. After all, modern devices are slippery to keep hold of, especially when a new phone case is added—these are often even more slippery than the original phones themselves, further increasing the challenges associated with keeping our phones in good condition!

Luckily, if you find it hard to hold onto your phone, we at CatTongue Grips might have the perfect solution for your needs! Adding a grip to the back of your mobile device could be a great way for you to make it easier for you to keep hold of your phone—thereby increasing the chances of the phones being in good condition!

Put Grip Tape on Your iPhone to Never Let It Slip Again

iPhones are not cheap to buy—we can all agree on that, for sure. As such, many of us can understand the feeling of a sinking heart when our beloved iPhones slip from our grip and crash down against the ground. The sound of a shattering iPhone is one which will haunt many people’s nightmares, which is why it is so important to protect our phones wherever possible—and choosing to put grip tape on your iPhone to never let it slips again could be one of the best, and most affordable, ways of doing so!

Adding grip tape to your iPhone will, admittedly, increase the scratchiness. If you value the current feel of your phone then grip tape may not be the ideal choice for you, as it will feel a little unpleasant to the touch—however, if you drop your phone regularly, we dare you to try to do so with grip tape on the back of the phone!

In order to add grip tape to your phone, the first thing that you will need to do—obviously—is source the grip tape. Skateboard grip tape is a great choice for adding grip to your phone, helping you to keep hold of it when using the device. In addition, skateboard grip can actually be quite the impressive feature as well; you don’t see many phones with this sort of decoration, and it is actually incredibly neat and tidy (as well as functional) when done correctly.

There are a number of grip tapes that you can buy online for skateboards for as little as $5, and these can then be easily cut down to size with a sharp scalpel so as to make it fit the phone perfectly.

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