Windshield chips are a headache for everyone, especially if it blocks your viewing a bit. It is recommended to fix windshield damage as soon as you notice it, but some people ignore them until they get too big or get really expensive.

Fixing a windshield chip is easy and inexpensive. In cases where the DIY windshield repair fails, insurance companies will usually cover the cost of a brand new windshield. But before you submit a claim, try the tricks below.

1) Find a Place That Can Fix Your Chip

Find a Place That Can Fix Your Chip

Several glass repair shops use adhesives to fix chips instead of traditional replacement. This will only cost you around $30-50.

However, it may raise your insurance rates slightly. But that’s unlikely, depending on the circumstances that caused the chip.

2) Prepare the Area Around the Chip by Cleaning it With Alcohol

Use rubbing alcohol or soap and water to remove any debris. It’s also recommended you cover the surrounding area with tape. That way, it won’t get dirty or chipped away even more by accident.

3) Make Sure the Glue Does Not Touch Your Windshield!

Make Sure the Glue Does Not Touch Your Windshield

The technicians use a very thin layer of adhesive, so make sure you do too. It’s also important to not let the glue touch the car body or any other glass in the vehicle. Otherwise, you might need to replace your windshield when you’re done!

4) Wait 10-15 Minutes for it to Dry

You’ll want it to be completely dry before you apply pressure or turn on your engine. If it’s not dry, and you turn the key, you could rattle things…you don’t want that. The goal is to fix the windshield chip with the least amount of hassle possible.

5) Apply Pressure Around the Chip for at Least 30-45 Minutes

Apply Pressure Around the Chip for at Least 30-45 Minutes

It’s recommended to use a plastic edge to protect your fingers or knuckles from getting hurt during this step. The goal is to keep constant pressure on the chip until it’s completely filled.

Sometimes, a drop or two of water will help activate the adhesive. But you want to be careful with this step and follow the product instructions carefully.

Have you tried the DIY tricks mentioned above on your windshield chip? Was it a waste of time? If so, your best bet is to get professional windshield repair on your vehicle. You won’t regret it!

Understanding How to Fix a Windshield Chip

Windshield chip damage is easy to fix sometimes, and other times it’s not. For the most part, a simple chip shouldn’t require extensive repair. But if it does, don’t be afraid to call the professionals.

Even if you don’t trust yourself to do a DIY fix, that’s okay too. When it comes to your car, you’d rather be safe than sorry. Therefore, taking your vehicle to the experts is the way to go.

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