Any time you are confronted with a legal issue the first question you ought to ask yourself is: Do I need an attorney to help me deal with this? In trivial cases such as speeding the ticket, the best you can do is pay the fine and let life continue.

Some of these informal procedures will not require any legal representation and the judge can just listen on both sides and make his judgment. However, there are instances when you do not want to risk maneuvering alone without the invaluable advice of an experienced lawyer.

“Do I Need an Attorney?” 9 Times You Must Make That Call

Sometimes you don’t need to call an attorney. Other times, failing to call an attorney could be the difference between jail time and lack thereof. Here are 9 instances when you should definitely call an attorney.

Business Matters

If you are starting a business, you need to learn how to hire an attorney. A good business attorney will provide you with all the legal assistance you need in your startup to ensure that you do not find yourself at loggerheads with the law.

If you are wondering when to hire a lawyer for your business, then the right time is now when your business is still young. In addition, if you are considering a merger you will need the expertise of an attorney for that smooth transition.

A business attorney should be versatile and knowledgeable of most of the current trends in business.

Family Issues

A family attorney handles an array of issues that range from divorce, paternity and guardianship, adoption, among others. Divorce tops the list of these problems more so when there are issues such as visitation rights, child support, and division of property or custody of the children.

Guardianship takes many forms, one of them being the case where a person cares for children whose parents are unable or unwilling to care for. It is important to establish a legal guardianship so that you’re able to make critical decisions for such individuals.

A family legal representative is able to spell out your roles clearly as a guardian even as you endeavor to faceplate self-reliance of the person you are acting on behalf.

Asset Planning

This is a valid reason to acquire an attorney who will help you plan all the wealth you have accumulated over the years. Protecting your assets for the future is a wise thing to do because it ensures that once you pass on, your fortune will go to your rightful heirs.

In case of death, the transfer of wealth to other family members will be smooth because the lawyer will have the legal documents approved by you.

Criminal Offense

You need the services of a good criminal attorney if you have committed a heinous act. If you cannot afford a defense lawyer, the state can appoint a public defense attorney who will represent you free of charge.

It is always advisable to hire a private lawyer who has your best interest at heart and can be able to explain all the legal jargon such as detained vs arrested for you to know your rights and what is at stake.

You Have Been in an Accident or Have Caused an Accident

Causing an accident is one of the times you should call a lawyer. These cases fall under civil law because in actual sense you may not have committed a crime. In the case of an accident or negligence, call a lawyer because sometimes you can be in unending wrangles with the insurance companies.

A personal injury attorney will ensure that if you have suffered bodily harm, you will be compensated accordingly. This payment may include medical bills, repair of damaged property and compensation for lost capacity to perform every day’s tasks. Dealing with insurance companies, which are not ready to cooperate, can be very frustrating and that’s why an attorney is needed to represent you.

Caught Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

This serious crime could lead to a jail term, loss of license, heavy fines or a combination of all. Although some people may opt not to engage a DUI attorney, a defendant is certain to benefit more if he is legally represented.

A legal professional will offer an objective opinion about the case and will help negotiate a plea bargain. As such, the defender will receive a more lenient sentence than he would have received without the help of a defense attorney.

So if you are in such a scenario and the big question in your mind is: Do I need an attorney for this? Then the answer is a big Yes.

Unfair Dismissal From the Workplace

Do I need a lawyer if I have been wrongfully terminated from my place of work? This is a valid question. If you believe that, the loss of your job had no solid basis-it was unlawful-then you have all the reason to file wrongful termination case against your employer.

However, you should understand that this is not a simple process and your employer may have a very intricate legal representation. You should not be cowed, consult with a competent attorney, and be conversant with all the legal proceedings involved.

Filing for Bankruptcy

A person is declared bankrupt when the judge and other trustees examine the assets and liabilities of individuals who are unable to pay their debts. During this legal court proceeding, a judge decides whether the said person or business will be freed from those debts so he is no longer legally obliged to pay them.

Depending on the complexity of your case, you may decide to hire an attorney or you may opt to handle it alone.

Drug Possession

This is a criminal case similar to DUI. As with any felony, you are likely to benefit from the services of s private attorney than a public defender. A private lawyer will go through your case carefully giving undivided attention to every detail and he will be sure to represent you accordingly.

Pay the required legal feel and let your attorney do all the challenging work for you.

Do I Need an Attorney? Why the Answer Is a Big Yes

If you are reading and silently whispering to yourself: I need an attorney, then make that call today. In essence, what you should know is that any incident that has the potential of leading to a jail term or any damages discussed should make you call your lawyer immediately. They will deal with your legal matters especially those that need prompt action.

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