When you’re accused of committing a crime, you need the best criminal lawyer. It’s the caliber of your legal representative that differentiates incarceration and freedom.

Considering lawyers are trained professionals, hiring the right attorney can save a person’s quality of life and reputation. Following are 5 reasons you should consider hiring a criminal attorney!

1# Law is Dangerous

Law is a complex topic that keeps changing! It’s the same to enter a maze, and you notice it’s only leading to dead ends! The only way forward is to know your approach around it. Otherwise, your opponents might use every means to convict you of crimes and taint your name.

In such tough situations, with the help of Takakjian & Sitkoff, LLP, you’re saved from dropping into legal loopholes and traps of self-incriminating tactics.

2# Budget Constraints May Backfire

If you’re not well equipped with law knowledge and you decide not to hire a criminal lawyer, you may find yourself on the wrong side of the law! It happens when you miss a deadline or make a marginal error. That alone may end up costing you hefty sums of dollars!

There are no chances for mistakes when handling criminal cases. Hiring a criminal lawyer will save you time and money.

3# Losing yet Winning

Usually, lawsuits spiral into grapevines. Unfortunately your opponents can fabricate actual proof against you! While everything may appear gone in such cases, your criminal attorney can pull the ropes and persuade the jury of framing sentences.

For instance, your lawyer can get evidence of innocence at the final minute. Hence, the judge can revisit the case afresh and ensure the judge issues a substitute sentencing.

Such cases may touch various areas, for instance, community services, rehabilitation programs, furlough program, etc.

4# May Save your Job

It’s not amazing you lose your job if you are falsely accused of rape or murder. But having a reputable criminal lawyer by your side, you have a chance to minimize the charges’ heinously. That could make your case less harsh and prevent the accused from losing their job.

5# Support Police Interviews

You can get traumatized when you’re accused of crimes that you don’t know. Due to shock and confusion, you might finish end up stating and messing everything! It comes in handy to have a lawyer who can explain everything soundly. They offer a better way of answering queries that police bombards the accused with!

Following are some types of crimes that you can get accused.

White-collar offenses

Examples in this category include insurance bilking, tax evasion, identify theft, computer hacking, fraud, forgery, and embezzling.


This crime can involve a deadly weapon or not and can be accidental or intentional. It may involve with family members, for instance, when dealing with domestic violence or strangers.


Thievery may include shoplifting, robbery, or burglary. Burglaries happen when inhabitants of a business or home are away. Shoplifting is stealing of merchandise or leaving a store without paying for the commodities. Robbery is the stealing of goods or money when people are present.Immediately contact a criminal lawyer when you’re accused of criminal offenses.

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