Do You Still Believe These 7 Divorce Myths?

Gaining an understanding of divorce will prevent you from making some minor mistakes. These small mistakes can snowball into huge blunders, and that is the last thing you need during a divorce. Moving on requires an aggressive mindset, and an even stronger will for patience.

1. Location Matters

You don’t have to get divorced in the same state that you got married. That means any state can benefit from a skilled family law attorney Utah. People rarely live a static life, so it makes no sense that courts would tie them to the original state they got married. To add to the divorce myths pile, no, you don’t get a hometown advantage by sticking to the original marriage state.

2. Trial Is Guaranteed

A lot of couples are afraid to get divorced because they’re afraid of going to trial. The courtroom setting for divorces are largely for show, as the majority of cases don’t go to trial. Even the most complicated divorces can be handled behind closed doors in a professional setting. The key here is that even in heated divorces, ex-spouses can usually find a balanced agreement.

3. The Adultery Lie

Adulterers don’t automatically lose everything in a divorce. If that was the case, entrapment would be a key strategy for jilted spouses. An affair is horrible for everyone involved, but it realistically won’t matter in states that abide by no-fault divorces. And even in states that take adultery seriously, it will all come down to whether it affected the children or the household finances.

4. Second Time’s the Charm

Alarming divorce myths among is that marriage is a numbers game. The second marriage will be better, then the third marriage will have a different outcome. Unfortunately, statistics show that the divorce rates are actually worse after the first marriage fails. And once you get past the second divorce, it only goes up!

5. Playing House

Living together before marriage does not guarantee that the marriage will be healthier. This is still good practice for unmarried couples, but the trial run is just that – a trial run. When couples get married for real, everything changes. It’s up to everyone involved to use their new experience to prolong the marriage rather than depending on what they felt during the trial period.

6. A Child Changes Everything

Children are created for many reasons. One of the more popular divorce myths has been the relationship changing pregnancy. Having a child is an incredible experience, but it not the glue that will keep a failing marriage together. In a worst-case scenario, an innocent child will be stuck between two feuding adults.

7. The Custody Question

Courts will do their best to create the best situation for the child, regardless of the parents. No one is at a gender-based disadvantage when they walk into a courtroom for custody arrangements. A divorce is painful enough, and the last thing you should do is doubt yourself as a parent.

Keep A Clear Head

During a divorce, don’t get caught like a deer in the headlights. Handle the situation with class, and give everything you have. When it is all over, you’ll be a better person with a brand-new lease on life.

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