Travelers usually embark on a journey to discover a new place and immerse themselves in the culture of the people living there. However, there are instances wherein getting across borders can be quite challenging because of the time it takes to wait in line, particularly during processing and verification. This is where document verification devices prove to be beneficial. This article delves into how this innovative technology helps at border crossings.

Benefits Of Using Document Scanners At Border Crossings

Scan Different Types Of Documents

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At border crossings, a passport is one of the typical types of document that is retrieved and verified by border patrol personnel. However, there are instances wherein simply presenting a passport is insufficient to let a person in for certain reasons. It is during these cases that additional papers are required to be presented. These additional documents may vary in size, make, and resolution, depending on the country where they originated.

In some cases, border personnel will also have to check the images included in the documents for proper verification. However, small images in the documents, which can even be tinier compared to passport photos, can be quite difficult to scan. Without proper scanning, a deceitful person trying to enter a country may be able to pass through because the additional documents bearing his photo are not properly scanned and verified.

This is where innovative scanners come in. With a state-of-the-art document scanner, border personnel will not be limited in scanning and verifying a passport, but they will also be able to check other types of documents against their database as well. Rather than going through each of the entries in their database, border personnel simply need to scan any document presented to them and the system will be able to automatically detect whether it is authentic or fraudulent.

Faster Scanning

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As a traveler, you may be used to the long queue at the borders of different countries. The reason behind the long line is the thorough verification of the documents that each person trying to enter a country needs to present. The border control personnel need to ensure that the passport, visa, and other documents presented to them are authentic. This will guarantee that the person entering their country or region doesn’t have spiteful intentions.

However, the verification of documents of one person can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to more than an hour, depending on what is presented and what is required of the traveler. This makes the queue longer and longer as more people arrive in an attempt to enter the country.

Fortunately, there are already scanners that make this process quicker and more efficient. In this case, all the border personnel needs to do is scan the documents presented to them to verify their authenticity. From there, they can also cross-check the information on the document with the data they have on their database. In this case, the processing time is cut in half, making the queue significantly shorter.

Accurate Verification

Finally, a scanner can pave the way for the accurate verification of the identity of the person trying to enter a specific country. The reason behind this is that with a scanner, the verification process is semi-automated. While the scanning may be a manual process, the verification of the documents presented happens in an automated manner. More often than not, there is a software program installed for cross-checking the authenticity of the documents and their content. In case a person is tagged as an outlaw, he may be restricted to enter the country and be arrested accordingly after careful verification of his documents through scanning.

However, some border crossings implement a fully automated scanning process, which eliminates the need for any personnel to man their borders. In this case, the travelers simply need to scan their passport or visa and the gates will automatically open if they are permitted to enter. Expect that this will further be innovated in the future as more and more technological advancements are being explored such as biometrics and facial recognition.

Accurate Verification

Document screening is an innovative system that paves the way for the scanning of different types of documents, even those bearing smaller images. This proves to be beneficial at border crossings, particularly because different countries may have varying types of documents. It also paves the way for faster scanning, which means that the long lines at border crossings will most likely be reduced. The best part is that with the use of document verification devices, people manning the borders will be able to accurately verify the identity of the persons entering their country or region.

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