Gender discrimination and suppression is one of the greatest sins of the cruel society. No matter how hard you try to run from it you keep getting a hit with it on your face. Recent analysis has shown that the salary of the women is much less than that of men. We observe it every day that men are preferred for every job which is important. Women are always considered as the frail centre and that is why they are not preferred. It often happens that even when they are more experienced and well educated still the higher authorities prefer men for the job.

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Another great dilemma is that even when they get the job they don’t get the salary which the males get. The problem gets more serious and drastic with increasing age. When it comes in male members the salary keeps on increasing with the increasing age but if you are hiring a female senior member then her salary will be much less than the male employee.

The latest thought changing piece by the new era’s author is the Egalia’s Daughters in which the pain of gender discrimination is clearly defined. It is considered as a great disrespect and a disgrace to the opposite gender. The way our society clearly distinguishes the opposite gender is very humiliating and hard to face. It is very troublesome for the females to go outside and find a living. They are treated like they are an object to stare at and a goal to gaze and achieve. They are considered incapable of doing anything important and are given work like nannies and teachers in day care centers.

The era of low labor costs during the time of unemployment was the hardest one. Even now when unexpected improvement has been noticed in the unemployment issue and people are being hired in a large number with a proper package chart, the rights of the people are being suppressed greatly. The work load is more than they can carry and the income packages are much less than that. Even with all the improvements today the work load is still not lessened and the salary packages are not suitable. It is the requirement of the time that the employees should take a stand for their rights. The ruling society is taking the advantage of the weakness. They know that a person needs a job in a safe and secure living and they make sure to put a sense of fear in him that if he won’t do a certain job then his life will be ruined so that the employee keeps on living in fear that he might not get a job. This state of mind doesn’t let him think about anything else along with a salary package. So, now having a job with less salary package is better than having no job at all.

Talking about the salary packages has been made a taboo topic so it is beyond the minds of people to think about stopping gender discrimination in employment. Why should men bother to fight for women? Women also have to support families and they also have friends. They have the equal responsibilities of their family like men. They sometimes even have double work than men since they also have to look out their household responsibilities along with their jobs, it also happens that sometimes there is no male member in the house and the responsibility of a complete family is on a woman but she is not entitled to the salary package which is given to a man and neither is she honored with same respect for her achievements. Although the improvement in the salary budget charts have been seen greatly. There is a struggle to make the salary package of women equal to men but a lot more improvements still have to be done.

The new salary budget is proving to be a ray of small hope that it might happen that slowly the salaries will become more reasonable and it will be according to the work load, helping the working ladies as a job should be. Most of the times women resign from their jobs due to the unprofessional behavior of the other employees or the employers with them and they were not able to do anything. They are forced to leave jobs in such cases and they have to work harder to find a new job again. On the contrary now there are places where the female mind is more valued or at least taken as an equal and this is how the salary strategy and the society should be.

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