No one wants to walk into work thinking there’s a chance they could get injured. Unfortunately, workplace accidents happen too often. While some accidents are minor, others are fatal. In 2014, more than 4,000 workers were killed on the job.

Continue reading and learn how to prevent workplace accidents and what to do if you’re injured.

Don’t Be a Statistic: How to Prevent Workplace Accidents

Work is where you go to do what you love and make a living. It’s not where you risk your life. Follow these best practices and prevent an accident.

Post Proper Signage (And Read Them)

If you’re an employer, post proper signage to warn employees of a potential threat in that area or in that piece of equipment. Signage examples include fire hazard, high voltage, slippery when wet, and watch your step.

If you’re an employee, read these signs carefully and exercise caution when working in these areas.

Keep Your Area Clean

If you work in an industrial field, such as construction, ensure there are no tools or nails lying around. This can cause you and other workers to trip or get seriously injured.

This doesn’t only apply to industrial fields. If you’re in an office, a messy workplace also increases the risk of falls and other hazards. Make sure everything is picked off the floor and nothing is cluttered on desks or shelves.

Maintain Your Vehicles

Whether you operate a crane or drive a cab, many businesses require vehicles during daily operations. While you can’t avoid all accidents, you can properly maintain your vehicles to prevent issues such as breakdowns.

Report Any Faulty Equipment

If you notice any dangers, such as a faulty piece of equipment, report it to your superiors. Faulty equipment increases injury risk, so it’s best that management is notified and can promptly deal with the faulty equipment.

Provide Proper Training (And Pay Attention)

Every staff member needs proper training for their position. Even if they’re already educated and/or certified, it’s essential that your company has a training program that your staff needs to complete.

Have them do training when they’re a new hire and throughout the year to refresh their memories.

Staff members should also pay attention to their training. This will ensure they make no errors while on the job.

What If You’re Injured?

While we try our best to prevent work accidents, some things are out of our control. If you sustained an injury while on the job, you should know what to do.

First, seek medical attention. See how much time is required you take off to recover. You may need to look into your job’s worker’s compensation plan and possibly get a work injury lawyer if you can’t receive benefits.

Stay Safe While Working!

Whether you’re rushed or are using faulty equipment, it’s best to know how to prevent workplace accidents. Follow this advice and stay safe while working.

For more career advice, continue reading our blog!

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