Managing a law firm is a complicated and strenuous thing. Not only do you need to support your clients through their legal endeavours while maintaining strict adherence to laws and regulations, you also need to manage the business side of your firm. Marketing, payroll, employee satisfaction, and office cleanliness are just a few of the many balls you need to juggle. The following will explore one of these elements in detail—digital marketing.

Do Make Sure Everything Is Measurable

Gain Exposure! How to Create a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy for Your Legal Practice

Whenever you’re marketing, you need to find a way to measure your efforts. If you don’t, you’ll have no idea what is working or how well. You need detailed records of each marketing movement that was made and daily data regarding the number of potential clients that have reached out, the amount of preliminary consultations booked, and the number of clients who decided to work with your firm. You will be able to notice spikes in clients gained and look back and figure out which methods brought in those clients. Likewise, you’ll be able to see which marketing methods are not actually helping.

Don’t Try Too Many New Things At Once

When you’re employing digital marketing tactics, you don’t want to attempt to do too many new things at once. This will ruin the data you’re collecting on how effective each tactic is. For example, if you run three different ads on three different platforms at the same time, you won’t know which ads are working. It might turn out that your first ad is actually deterring clients, but the other two are bringing them in, so overall you have a positive impact.

Do Understand Privacy

Write an Online Privacy Policy

Digital marketing is just beginning to deal with the explosion in users’ understanding of privacy. A few years ago, no one seemed to notice or care where a company got the data they were using to target their marketing. That’s no longer the case now. Be sure to conduct a thorough investigation into how any data you use for marketing is being collected. This is particularly important if you’re buying data.

Don’t Be Afraid To Work With Professionals

You’re a legal expert; it’s pretty hard for you to be a marketing expert as well. Inbound Things Ltd recommends working with a marketing team that has experience with your industry. In addition to working with marketing professionals, you might also want to work with some design artists to create a branded look that’s modern and attractive. In the digital space, graphic design ages incredibly fast, so even if you’ve had this done in the past, you might be in need of an update.

Do Reevaluate Regularly

Do Reevaluate Regularly

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving animal. It’s not something you can think about once, but rather something that needs to be revisited and reevaluated regularly. It takes time to find the sweet spot for your advertising, the right tone for your videos, the right writing voice for your blog posts, etc. Keep working and keep adapting to new information as it arises. This is the only way to continue to grow.

The above tips should help law firms improve their digital marketing game. Again, digital marketing isn’t an overnight solution. It’s something that takes effort over a long period of time.

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