When struggling to maximize our productivity levels we are often faced with a myriad of communications tools such as WhatsApp, KIK and Viber that are simply bewildering and confusing to use. WhatsApp Messenger is such a useful software tool. Simply put WhatsApp is a great way to stay in touch with friends, family and work colleagues but they keep updating it! What if you simply want to download older versions of WhatsApp Messenger? We ask if it can it be done, lets find out more about this particular WhatsApp problem shall we.

How to Download Older Versions of WhatsApp

Download Older Versions of WhatsApp
Lets be straight about it, since sometimes technical progress simply is not everything. Adding new features to WhatsApp Messenger can break stuff or remove features that you once found extremely useful.

When Not to Use The Latest Version of WhatsApp

With WhatsApp the latest software release of the popular comms app isn’t always the best version to use. Why is this you might wonder? The answer is that WhatsApp technical support just go and change stuff. Sometimes for security or privacy reasons. As was the case with WhatsApp encryption.

Making messages nigh on impossible to read is seen in some quarters of the world as encouraging illegal activity. On the other hand WhatsApp users like to be secure and confident in the knowledge that their private conversations are just that, ie private! So there is certainly a trade off to bear in mind when looking for older versions to download.

Why to Use Old Versions of WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is mainly used with the latest and most popular smart phones such as the iPhone X that run the iOS or Android operating systems. As one of the most popular messaging apps it is also quite similar to alternatives such as the Viber and popular KIK app in many ways.

In short if you want to use old WhatsApp features that have since been removed or modified by the developers of the app then you need an old version of WhatsApp on your device. Not only that the person that you are messaging may also need the same old WhatsApp version in order for it to work properly.

As of 2018 WhatsApp instant messenger is getting on a bit. So it is quite natural with app development cycles that older WhatsApp features have been taken away or simply updated. It is for this main reason that older versions of WhatsApp may operate in a different manner to the existing version.

How People Use Older Versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger also runs on tablet devices and on desktop computers under certain operating conditions. Of course the vast majority of people have WhatsApp installed on their smartphone, ie iPhone or Android based phone.

For members of the workforce who need to engage in collaborative projects based in different locations around the world then WhatsApp Messenger is by far the most useful tool. So if searching for the best places to download older versions of WhatsApp, lets think more on this right here.

Old Software and Increased Security Risks

Just know that WhatsApp is essentially the best way in the world right now of rapidly sending messages to people and contacts on your cell, tablet or smart phone device. But smart apps evolve and this situation with legacy versions of WhatsApp is no different in that regard.

Old Versions of WhatsApp for Reaching Friends and Family

Reaching friends and family with old versions of WhatsApp - Download Old WhatsApp - Whatapp
Reaching friends and family with old versions of WhatsApp

WhatsApp Instant Messenger enables people to reach out to any contact or friend who is saved on the mobile phones current contact list. As such it is a very popular collaborative design tool for planning the scope and fulfilment of large complex projects.

The only software requirement and also a bugbear for some users. Is that the other people in your WhatsApp contact list must also have WhatsApp also installed on their own device and the versions may need to line up to function as intended.

So consider in depth just why a person may want to download older versions of WhatApp. Take a minute to ponder the precise benefits and disadvantages of downloading old copies of WhatsApp before you go any further here.

Advantages of Using an Older Version of WhatsApp

  • Old versions of WhatsApp include valuable legacy features
  • Older WhatsApp versions may not be encrypted
  • Access retired functionality in WhatsApp

Disadvantages of Using an Older Version of WhatsApp

  • Old software versions may have errors and not work properly
  • Security risks and may invalidate support entitlements
  • Dated WhatsApp versions might not use content encryption
  • Recent features not present
  • Not tested with recent OS and OS versions

At the present point in time in 2018, WhatsApp is compatible with just about all popular mobile operating systems on the smart phone market. So old WhatsApp builds should work but proper operation can not be guaranteed for all users. There maybe significant security risks.

These operating systems include: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone which are the main platforms and by far the most widely installed. However beware that older versions of WhatApp may not be secure or stable for everyday use and may compromise your phone.

How to Download Old Versions of WhatsApp

There is good news for people searching for older versions of the software is that such places do exist online. These are web sites where it is possible to download earlier versions of the WhatsApp application and restore lost functionality.

In doing so users may take advantage of particular features that they may be unavailable in the latest WhatsApp release. At the same time users may be exposed to security flaws and risk, so beware of doing so without proper guidance. So where to go first to download older versions of WhatsApp in 2018?

Old WhatsApp Version Download Locations

We recommend trying these places to access old WhatsApp versions for download. On this page you will also find older builds of the messenger app that we all know and love.

When selecting the file download it helps of course if you know the precise WhatsApp build number to use. For example : WhatsApp Messenger 2.17.181 along with versions from the same development phase. Bear in mind that different builds will have different features and bugs for that matter.

Download Old WhatsApp : Wrapping Up

So do consider that downloading historical software such as downloading older versions of WhatsApp may be very problematic and invalidate any support that you may be entitled to. If the latest version is fine for your needs, then naturally it makes sense to keep using that.

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