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Drilling Safety Tips

In the United States, there are approximately 10,412,531 construction employees. Without construction workers, Americans would not have homes, stores to visit, roads to drive, parks to play in, stadiums to attend sporting events, utilities for lights, cooking, and much more.

Drilling is an important part of commercial construction and even completing projects at home. Equally important is performing drilling methods with the utmost safety.

As much as tools help to build and fix items and building around us, you do not want it to come at a cost, where a human becomes injured. Drilling safety can be simple when you follow certain guidelines.

Keep reading to learn about critical drilling safety tips.

Drilling Equipment

First, before you drill, you want to select the suitable size for the attachment or bit. Before using the tool, the attachment or bit must tighten in the chuck and be properly seated. If you are not familiar with the work or your drilling supplies, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

You only want to use attachments or bits which turn true. For continuous operation or larger work, use the second handle, or auxiliary handle.

Especially if you are drilling for construction work, we recommend these refurbished DigiTrak transmitters for worker safety.

Drilling Safety Tips

At work and home, you must wear a face shield or safety glasses, or goggles. To maintain enough ventilation, keep the drill air vents clear. The drill bits must always be sharp.

If you need to change or adjust an attachment or bit, disconnect your power supply first. Further, proper drilling methods include ensuring that cords are away from the cutting area. You need the area clear of such dangers.

Drilling Methods

Before each use of your drill, inspect for damage or frays. Also, just before you break into the surface, slow the drill’s rate of feed. You should drill a small hole, known as a “pilot,” prior to drilling a large hole.

Commercial Drilling Attire

For an HDD or horizontal directional drilling project, crew members must have a hard hat besides eye and ear protection gear. They must have safety boots that are electrically insulated. The most common type would be a steel-toe boot, but there are also composite-toe and aluminum toe available too.

These construction drills require workers to wear suitable gloves, like leather. When working near a highway or roadway, workers need high-visibility safety vests.

There are items that crew workers should not wear, such as wristwatches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, long hair that is not tied back, and loose clothing.

Stay Safe When Drilling

The most precious asset you have is your health, and we want you to stay safe while drilling. Use these drilling methods and dress appropriately to avoid injury.

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