Substance abuse starts outside of the home before gradually making its way into the household. Parents are aware of the dangers but have trouble recognizing common substances. Drugs commonly abused by teens are identifiable, and right under your nose.


Cocaine is a party drug that is often used in clubs or high-end parties. Teens gain access to it by using illegal fake IDs. As a party drug, it is combined with alcohol so the user can handle more at once. Pay close attention to disappearing alcohol if you think cocaine is in your home. A trustworthy rehab for teens may be the next step after you get sufficient substance drugs commonly abused by teen evidence.


medical marijuana

Marijuana is one of the oldest natural drugs in history which drugs are commonly abused by teens. Despite its popularity, weed has been illegal in several places. As the drug became a breakthrough for medical use, the first instance of legal marijuana hit the market. Not long after that, individual states started to legalize weed for normal recreational use. This was good for the industry but bad for households with teens.

Before weed became legal, it was already one of the highest drugs commonly abused by teens. Weed ends up in the home since it is the easiest type of drug to get. And since smoking has become both a medical and cultural norm, public opinion on weed has swung in a completely different direction. But it is important to mention that even with these new laws, the legal age for all smoking products is still 21.

Rolling paper is the easiest to tell that weed has been brought into the home.

Prescription Drugs

worst prescription drugs

Painkillers are one of the drugs commonly abused by teens in a household. It is a legal drug, and the rise in teen abuse keeps going up as sports get more competitive. Sometimes the abuse of painkillers is completely accidental. Individuals with weak internals may develop a dependency on a drug if the dosage is too high. Teenagers that play competitive sports should stay away from drinking alcohol while on painkillers. When necessary, doctors will give parents alternative options to the drug so that strong dosages can be avoided.



Teen heroin usage has decreased since the ’90s, yet remains a danger in the common home. Like cocaine, it is a hard drug with high public disapproval. Even teenagers view it as an ‘out of the ordinary’ choice when selecting substances. Similar highs found from prescription drugs are the gateway substances that lead to heroin use. If a teen shows a dependency on painkillers, then they are at high risk for similar dangerous substances.


Common inhalants can be found around the house. Nail polish remover, glue, and gasoline all fall into this category. Although inhalants are considered more of a supplementary drug, they are still dangerous in small doses. Because of this, inhalants are the hardest type of drugs commonly abused by teens. Parents should pay close attention to changes in behavior, grades, or emotional withdrawals. If any of these signs show up, inhalants may be the cause.

Keep Your Home Safe

Even with a full security camera suite, there is no such thing as a perfectly secure home. As a homeowner, you’re the last line of defense against drugs. Do your best, and use common sense when necessary.

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