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Dubunking Holistic Health Myths

Living holistically and healthy is one of the secrets to great health and wellness, but it can be easy to get caught up in all the misinformation that is out there. You don’t want to not invest in your health just because some details of it can be confusing, so here are a few common holistic health myths, debunked.

Myth: Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is pivotal for your health

While it is important to stay as hydrated as possible, 8 glasses of water isn’t a magic number. In reality, the number of glasses you should drink is dependant on your activity level, the levels of humidity outside, your weight, and what other fluids you have had that day. These factors change every day, so keep a mental note to adjust accordingly. It’s never a bad thing to keep sipping on water all day, so consider carrying around a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Myth: Multivitamins aren’t important

It can be hard to ensure you are getting a full dose of all essential vitamins and nutrients every day, despite your diet. One of the best ways to supplement your diet is to take a daily multivitamin. Make sure to check with your doctor first, as when taken in large quantities, specific vitamins can be harmful, especially if you are taking any other medications. To check your options, there are plenty of vitamin manufacturer companies out there. Just be sure to find one that is FDA approved.

Myth: Plants don’t offer nearly as much protein as meat and poultry

Many people believe that if they go vegetarian, they can’t get the same amount of protein in their diet that they’re used to. This is untrue, as some plants offer tons of protein per serving! For example, a cup of beans has the same amount of protein as one ounce of meat. All you need is a bit of creativity to have a protein-rich, vegetarian diet.

Myth: Going vegetarian automatically means being healthier

This is untrue simply because it can be easy to eat highly-processed food when you’re a vegetarian. Just because you eliminate meat and poultry from your diet does not mean you will be healthier. But as long as you make sure you fill up your meals with plenty of plant-based foods, you should start seeing your psychique change.

Myth: Living holistically means you must cut out traditional pharmaceuticals

Holistic living is a way to eliminate toxins from your diet, and some people believe this includes pharmaceuticals. However, there is no “right” way to live a holistic lifestyle, and no one can tell you what you should or shouldn’t put into your body. It is all about your comfort level, so if you really believe you can do without certain pharmaceuticals, cut them out of your diet. If you do want to keep them in, go right ahead. Your safety and comfort level should be the only factors to consider when you choose to live a holistic lifestyle.

Myth: It is expensive to life holistically

It all comes down to budget and choices. Of course, if you decide to only eat expensive items, being a vegan or a vegetarian can be quite expensive. But with a bit of planning, you may just find that there’s a lot that can be done on the cheap when it comes to eating plant-based. Again, be creative and you’ll realize your wallet just may thank you.
Hopefully, by debunking some of these common health myths, you can start a holistic lifestyle with confidence.

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