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During The Time Of Increasing Tension, Twitter And Flickr Accounts Of North Korea Have Just Been Hacked

In Seoul, South Korea, on Thursday, apparently some hackers broke into about two online sites that are run by government. This happened during the time tension on Korean Peninsula was mounting.

Flicker and Twitter account of North Uriminzokkiri stopped to send the typical content posted by the government in Pyongyang, like photos of the leader at North, Kim Jong’s meeting with the military officials.

Instead of that, a picture showing face of Kim with a snout like that of a pig and a Mickey Mouse drawn on chest was posted on North’s Flicker account on Thursday. Below it is written, “Threatening world peace with ICBMs and Nuclear weapons/Wasting money while his people starve to death.”

Another post says in white against black background, “We are Anonymous”. This is name of an activist group of hackers. A statement meant to be from hackers’ side and spread online widely says they had made compromise of 15000 records of users hosted on sites including It wasn’t possible to confirm this statement’s authenticity but the official website of North couldn’t be opened on Thursday.

On the Twitter account of North, the tweets said “hacked” along with link to the website which are North Korea-related. One of the tweets read “Tango Down” after which link to Flickr page of North will be followed.

It was 2010 that Twitter account was opened by North Korea and now it has 13000+ followers. Social media is used by North for admiring the leaders and systems at that time and to also repeat the commentaries that were sent by the official Korean News Agency of North.

Tensions have been sky-rocketing in these days between south and North Korea, and on Thursday, North’s military had warned that it was then allowed to attack U.S. Regarding sanctions that are not in favour of the country’s nuclear program and also the joint drills of military between South Korea and U.S, North Korea really is angry.

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