E-commerce content marketing is a special tool, which can stimulate the boost of traffic to your website. Without a sustainable content marketing, strategic e-commerce marketing platform business cannot develop. Content marketing is also a nice way to improve the conversion rates, which means you will get more money from your traffic.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is an art of creation of various content. The latest might be in different formats, such as:

The content is shared with customers to reach more leads, attract more visitors to the website, and develop the brand. It is mostly directed to people, who have a certain problem and look for answers on the Internet. 

To deal with content marketing to stand out is quite challenging. It is connected with the difficulties of the creation of valuable content. It is not enough to write a 500-word post about your product anymore. Thus, it is vital to know how to climb up and attract the audience becoming better than your competitors are. 

Tips for working with content marketing

For the development of any e-commerce marketing platform, it is vital to know how to start working with content marketing. Let’s observe several essential tips, which might help your business:

• Select one form of content. When you start, it is almost impossible to cover all the possible formats of content. It is much wiser to choose one and concentrate on it. The choice greatly depends on the product you want to sell, the category of product/service, and other features. It is also vital to analyze your customers and find the most interesting format for them. Distribution of content is also of importance. For instance, almost 75% of B2B firms’ representatives prefer obtaining information via email. Moreover, the experts assure that email marketing guarantees the biggest return on investment. It is better to use automated emails. As soon as you feel confident with the type of content you select, you can try another one.

• Guides and tutorials for the customers. The next question you need to answer is what information you can share. One of the best choices for a good start is to create a guide for your clients. Such materials will be helpful and interesting for the users. It is possible to give answers to the most frequent questions or solve various problems the customers might have when dealing with your product. It is recommended to add as many details as possible about the services or products you offer. Thus, you can also build trust between you and your consumers. The information, which contains educational issues, is always attractive. It might increase traffic and sales. Do not forget that it is better to include visuals (for instance, pictures) in order to make the content more memorable and appealing. In this case, many people prefer creating infographics. Users are more likely to share them if they are good enough.

• Videos creation. It is a good decision to create a video to tell a story about your product. With the help of it, you can give an impressive amount of information in a short time. There are various forms available including video adverts, webinars or online courses. For the creation of videos, you can use different intermediaries, for example, Facebook, YouTube, and others. It is important to make sure your video has a corresponding length (as each resource has its limitations). Besides, any video (especially when we are speaking about the adverts) should be catchy and memorable. If you want to organize courses, you will also add to the engagement of the users, which is another good strategy for stable development of your business. For the creation of webinars, you can use YouTube, Lynda, Pluralsight, etc. 

• Information pamphlets and FAQ. You can also create size charts, which are appropriate for clothes, furniture, tools, and any other products. Observe the product you offer attentively. Think about the questions the users might ask about it. There are also common questions, which the customers ask, concerning:

  • delivery options
  • shipping costs and time
  • return policy, etc.

• Make a research on your product and its application. Thus, you can show how your goods can help people solve their problems. It is also possible to share the positive experience of other customers to make people trust you. It is a wonderful idea to post their stories in Instagram and sell on it.