5 Easy Car Customization Ideas

Are you tired of your boring stock car? Then follow the lead from the 7.9 million young people who customize and modify their vehicles each year. Car customizations can range from cheap to expensive and from simple to complex.

If you’re new to car mods, then you’ll want to start with easy customizations that will make a big impact. This will help you change the look of your car without a lot of work.

These five car mods are a perfect place to get started.

1. Add Decals and Overlays

Painting your vehicle is expensive, especially when done by a skilled professional. So a more affordable option is to use custom car decals. These are vinyl stickers that you can place on your car to decorate or accent it.

You can choose decals that are as large or as small as you want. Follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions; a soapy water solution tends to make it easier. Then use a card to push the air bubbles out and create a smooth seal.

2. Tint the Windows

This is an easy car customization, and even those not into cars have it done. Tinting your windows gives you more privacy as it makes it harder for people to see in. However, there are strict laws that states have imposed about how dark you can go.

Choose a reputable company that uses high-quality tinting film. Think about the darkness of the film and how reflective it is.

3. Replace the Headlights

Getting rid of your stock headlights gives you a chance to improve the front of your vehicle and give yourself more visibility. Aftermarket headlights tend to accommodate brighter and better quality bulbs.

When adding new headlights to your car upgrades, consider your state’s laws. Many have rules about how bright your headlights can be. You’ll also want to adjust the headlights once installed to ensure they’re pointing in the right direction.

4. Install Seat Covers

Custom cars have seats that are stitched out of luxurious materials and have custom embroidery. You can create a similar look without having to replace your entire seats. Seat covers are as cheap or expensive as your budget will allow.

Even cheap covers are made out of neoprene or faux leather, which will improve the look of your car and be an extra protective layer on your seats. Custom seat covers are expensive, but allow you to pick exactly what you want for a unique look.

5. Change the Wheels

Change out your stock wheels for a set of stylish aftermarket wheels. This one customization will completely change the look of your vehicle and is often one of the first things noticed.

For an easy switch, stick with wheels that are the same size as your current stock ones. This will be a direct replacement and you won’t have to buy new tires. However, if you do decide to go bigger, take your vehicle in to get re-calibrated for optimal performance.

Do These Car Customizations to Your Car

A stock vehicle is boring and looks like all of the cars on the road. These car customizations will help you stand out on the road with a car that’s customized to your taste and style. Start with something simple like getting your windows tinted or buying a car seat cover set.

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