The banking corporation of retail, investments and securities is known by the name of JPMorgan chase & co. By assets it is proved as the largest bank of United States. With assets of $2 trillion it is providing financial services to the people and on the basis of composite ranking it is the second largest company of the world. The unit of JPMorgan chase hedge fund is famous for the largest funds of United States. It was founded in 2000 when Chase Manhattan Corporation was blended with J.P Morgan & Co. Along with investment banking, private banking, asset management, treasury and security services and private wealth management use the brand of JPMorgan chase. For the credit card services in the Canada and United States, the brand Chase is used. Corporate headquarters are present in Midtown, 270 Park Avenue, Manhattan, New York and New York City and the commercial and retail banks are based in Chicago Loop, Chase Tower, Illinois, United States and Chicago.

JPMorgan Chase is considered as one of the four biggest banks in United States including Citigroup, Wells Fargo and Bank of America. Bloomberg reported in 2011 that the Bank of America is surpassed by the JPMorgan Chase as the largest bank of U.S. by assets. Out of the oldest banks of the world the Bank of Manhattan company is the 22nd largest.

At present the structure of JPMorgan Chase is the outcome of combination of few large banking companies of U.S. which includes J.P Morgan & Co., Chase Manhattan Bank, Bear Stearns, Washington Mutual and Bank One. Major banking firms including Manufacturers Hanover, Chemical Bank, National Bank of Detroit, First Chicago Bank, Providian Financial, Great Western Bank and Texas Commerce Bank are its predecessors.

File photo of JP Morgan Chase's international headquarters on Park Avenue in New York


Transitioning service members and veterans are being served by the JPMorgan Chase after the military service. A recruiting team of centralized military is composed by the JPMorgan Chase to hire the veterans and they do this job with complete concentration. After submission of the application the recruiter calls the applicant within five days. Not only the military members are hired but also the veterans are provided services and complete training and resources are given to them, helping them to make the jobs easy and they can use that to establish their careers. The managers are also trained for the selection of veterans and how to bring them to the workplace.

A mission of 100000 jobs is launched by the JPMorgan Chase and they have set a goal to hire 100000 military veterans and service members by 2020. The members of association are bound to work together and they share best recruiter and business practices and also report the results of hiring.

The veteran unemployment is becoming the public challenge and to solve it the veterans are being hired by the companies and other associations under this 100000 jobs mission. The veterans are provided facilities to find employment opportunities at ease.

Home Ownership

The military families are also helped financially for their own home by the JPMorgan Chase. Through the non-profit organizations which are the partners of JPMorgan Chase, 1000 free homes are provided to veterans and these are totally free of cost. Three non-profit partners with which JPMorgan Chase has made partnership recently are as follows:

Military Warriors Support Foundation

Wounded servicemembers with families are provided homes by this foundation in addition to it job training and placement, programs related to life skills and job training and placement are also provided to them. You can get more information about military warriors support foundation at their website i.e.

Operation Homefront

Families of wounded warriors and service members are provided with assistance. With their program β€œhomes on the Homefront”, the assistance is prolonged for the wounded warriors, and the veterans who were disabled in the accident of 9/11. Such people can apply online at

Building Homes For Heroes:

The organization was established in 2006 and providing the corporations and individuals with the chance to help the disabled veterans or wounded military people so that their families could make their lives easy and can fulfill the requirements. This program not only lowers the financial burden of the families but also provides a chance to live freely and restores their freedom.