The University of Phoenix has changed online education forever and has made things much easier for the learners as now education at the student’s fingertips.  This means that students are able are able to learn from anywhere at any time and are able to take control of their destinies and then be able to learn as well at their own pace.  Online classes are able to empower learners to be able to learn at their own pace and they are able to take control of their destinies as well as the classes they need to take and are able to take one class at a time.  This is great for people who have children or people who are working trying to move forward with their careers.  Without this missing piece there will be many issues as well with the fact that there is only a certain level of success that can be attained and that can lead to many problems with future plans and goals.  In order to have access to the online account it is necessary to first be a student and then next to move forward with the ability to sign into the website.  Then you will have access to all of the classes and other options that the University can make a reality for students and learners.

  • Go to .
  • Put in your user name and password and click Log in.  After doing this you will have access to everything that a student would have access to including career assistance and other aspects of their online system.
  • Or you can click New to Campus and that will allow you to be guided through the sign up process which will include inputting your personal information and then choosing a user name and password.

All of the online features will allow you to move forward with your career and be able to have an excellent education at the same time.  Go to the site and sign up today so that you can begin taking advantage of all of its features.

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