5 Tips for Creating an Effective Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

As the holiday season approaches, most business owners think about how they can build a bulk email marketing campaign. The frenzy of buying at the end of the year offers you a chance at clawing into the black in an otherwise bad year. Plus an email marketing campaign proves fairly cost-efficient for most businesses.

Of course, making email marketing campaigns work isn’t always a straightforward as the gurus make it sound. If you’re looking for some core email marketing strategies that work, keep reading for five tips on building effective email campaigns.

1. Focus Your List

Before you do anything else in your bulk email campaign, you must focus your list of recipients. After all, your recurring customers won’t respond well to an email aimed at people you met at a conference. Determine who you will target with the emails and create a list of email addresses comprised of those people.

2. Get Your Subject Line in Shape

It won’t matter how great a pitch, offer, or deal you offer in the email if no one opens it. You need a solid subject line if you want people to open your email. A few ways you can build a solid subject line include:

  • Keep it to around six words
  • Be specific
  • Start with the critical words

These few rules alone will elevate your subject lines.

3. Focus on One Result

When you send an email out to a big list, you may feel a temptation to aim for multiple results. For example, you might look for sales and also try to encourage word-of-mouth sharing. This kind of split focus almost never works out well for an email marketing campaign.

Keep each email focused on one result. You can always send another email with a different focus.

4. Use Events to Your Advantage

Major cultural events can prove a goldmine for you. Don’t believe it? How about holiday email campaigns?

Retail giants don’t run those every year for fun. Events let you tap into a cultural mindset and subtly convert that mindset into sales.

5. Mind the Data

While the definition of a successful email campaign will vary by industry, you should know the open rate that qualifies for success in your niche. You should track your open rate, click-through rate, and overall response. If you fall below the success threshold, analyze that email and look for what went wrong.

That should give insight into building a better email next time.

Building a Better Bulk Email Marketing Campaign

A good bulk email marketing campaign always starts with the basics.

Start with a focused list. Craft a good subject line. Don’t chase multiple results in one email.

Do use major cultural events to your advantage. Keep your eye firmly on the data.

If you don’t see acceptable open and click-through rates or the right response, don’t ignore that. Review your email and see where things went off the rails.

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