Any business’s success is hinged on marketing. And one of the best ways to do digital marketing is to roll out an effective SEO campaign. However, SEO isn’t that easy. Plus, Google technologies are quickly shifting and changing. Nowadays, to rank higher on Google and get more traffic, you must be smart with your SEO techniques. Remember, Google prefers to answer queries within its SERPs or direct users to ads as opposed to organic listings. Thus, depending entirely on Google’s organic searches won’t bear many fruits. To help you get things right, this article is going to delve into top features in SERPs.

Work on Your Site’s User Experience

The modern customer values comfort. He/she values user experience when looking for products, services, or content online. Plus, Google places more emphasis on user experience when ranking sites. That’s why you must continually improve your site’s user experience. Remember, Google tends to de-rank poor-quality sites. Things like loading speed and broken links can cost your website dearly. Google will rank sites where clients spend more time at. On the flip side, they hate sites that discourage customers. So, if you want more results, work on user experience. Use the following tips and tricks to improve your site’s user experience:

  • Easy to read posts—Make your posts readable. Include bullet points, tags, Meta descriptions, etc. Optimize your posts.
  • Quality content—Work on your spelling. Write coherently. Format your posts accordingly.
  • Short paragraphs—don’t create huge paragraphs. Make them shorter. Ideally, create paragraphs with around 3-4 sentences.
  • Sentence lengths—stick to shorter sentences. However, you can include a few long sentences. Remember, it’s hard to follow those long sentences. So, turn your attention to shorter sentences
  • Sub-headers—Use headers. Including more subheadings can help readers go through your content without any difficulties.
  • Bullet points—go for bullet points. This is particularly important when you are stating a lot of facts, ideas, and examples.
  •  White space—don’t go for too much space. It can overwhelm the user. Instead, break long text with things like charts, images, videos, etc.
  • Visuals—when it comes to marketing products, images and videos play an integral role. So, don’t leave them out They are important. Use screenshots to illustrate complex points. Use videos to explain facts and tell stories.

Bucket Brigades

Just like extinguishing fire—in which buckets were passed from one person to another—using bucket bridges in digital marketing can create impressive results. As a powerful copywriting technique, bucket bridges involves the use of a series of particular words that are aimed at bridging an idea in the subsequent order. This helps keep a flow in your content. Remember, readers love sticking around content that has a flow. Here is an example:
Yes, it’s you:
I know what you are thinking.
I know what you are looking for.
Go for it.
Go for your dream
Enroll for that coding class and unlock your infinite possibilities.

Inverted Pyramid Style Technique

The inverted pyramid technique, which is synonymous with journalism school, is a powerful copywriting technique that can bring you real results when it comes to SEO. Digital meal SEO Perth advises site owners to give the most important or valuable info at the page’s top while withholding less important information. According to experts, most readers don’t scan articles to the bottom. So, it makes sense to give them the most important info at the top.

Improve User Experience

According to experts, a high bounce rate is associated with poor usability as well as an awkward user experience. So, consider analyzing the user experience of your site. Things like loading speed can negatively affect the user experience of your site. Use tools such as Crazy Egg, Heat maps, Scroll maps, Confetti maps, etc. to analyze how users interact with your site.

Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

Work on your site’s loading speed. Users hate sites that are slow. They won’t stick around. They love sites that take seconds to load. According to Google, sites with improved loading speeds tend to rank higher on search engines. You can use a myriad of tools from Google to improve your site’s loading speed. Common ones include:

  • PageSpeed Insights—This tool will help you with site performance
  • Accelerated Mobile Based Pages Project—this tool is effective at boosting speed when it comes to mobile sites
  • Test My Site—this tool is used to test the mobile-friendliness of your site.

According to the stats, more than 25 percent of the US adults own smart speakers. This number is projected to grow. This means that voice search is going to play a key role in searches. So, incorporate this feature into your site. However, it’s important to get things right. Use the following tips and tricks to get the most out of your voice search feature.

  • Use long based tail keywords
  • Leverage on structured data
  • Design your voice search for mobile-first
  • Don’t place all your focus on keywords. Instead, focus on topic clusters

Work On Your Technical SEO

Work on your technical SEO. Technical SEO can help you rank higher on Google. If you want your technical SEO to be up to date, ensure that it loads on HTTPS. Consider enabling AMP for mobile. Have a crawling software. Also, ensure that your semantic markups are correct.

Local SEO Is Important

Work on your local SEO. According to recent research findings, more than 46 percent of search users look for local-based information. From local shops, opening hours, addresses, to telephone numbers, people are now turning their attention to local information. Thus, website owners should strive to work on their local SEO. Work on your local listings. Work on technical SEO for your local searches.

The Bottom-Line

To get more sales you need more leads. Leads come from increased traffic. And one of the best ways to get more results when it comes to traffic is rolling out an effective SEO campaign. However, SEO can be challenging—especially if you are new to digital marketing. Luckily, the above guide is all you need when it comes to rolling out an effective SEO campaign.

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