One of the most significant aspects of moving house is making sure your things are packed correctly and safely into boxes. There really is a right and wrong way to do this, and you have to know the right way of packing your moving boxes correctly to ensure the safety and condition of your belongings.

The trick is to use the appropriate supplies and boxes so that the process of moving is as efficient as possible. The following information from Gaylord Boxes is designed to assist you in packing in a smart and strategic way and to help you avoid throwing things haphazardly into containers.

Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes

Collect Essential Supplies

Collect Essential Supplies

When packing your moving boxes, Boxes are not the only supplies required for a major move. You will also need to gather some other items that are sure to help get your things safely from point A to point B. Among these are things such as cushion foam, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, strong tape, and thick markers.

Box Assembly

If you plan to use newly-purchased boxes for your move, they must be assembled first. Begin by unfolding the flat box material until it forms the shape of a cube. On the bottom of the box, fold each small flap toward the center before folding the larger ones atop them. Use a piece of strong packing tape at the meeting point of the flaps to keep the box closed.

Packing Tips For A Successful Move

Packing Tips For A Successful Move

The first useful tip involves grouping things together that are of the same general weight and size. It is also best not to put things from different rooms into the same box.

Next, add some packing peanuts to the floor of the box before wrapping your heaviest pieces with paper or bubble wrap, placing them at the bottom of the container.

Lighter items can now be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap and separated from the heavy bottom items with a piece of cushion foam.

Prior to sealing up your box, add cushioning to the empty space. Use crumpled up paper or some packing peanuts to prevent movement inside the box during transit.

Boxes ought not to weigh over 30 pounds, and they should never exceed what you can comfortably lift. Boxes that are underfilled may collapse during travel, and boxes that are overfilled may tear, causing damage to their contents.

Always close packing boxes with strong packing tape, and make sure each one is labeled with what has contained inside and the room in which it should be placed upon arrival.

Stacking Boxes Inside Your Truck

Stacking Boxes Inside Your Truck

Not only is packing a critical part of keeping your things safe during a move, but it is also important to know how to correctly load the truck that will contain them. Stacking moving boxes is a vital part of such a strategy.

Moving boxes from U-Haul are designed to facilitate efficient truck packing that leaves no space wasted. This helps customers save time, money, and effort during what is always a stressful time.

Best Stacking Strategies

Standing a sofa up on its side in a moving truck with the cushions removed creates a void of roughly three feet by two feet that is also approximately four feet in height. This is a great spot for a stack of moving boxes containing at least seven such units.

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