It’s consuming to be a parent – that’s not a secret.

You need to juggle stuff both at work and home, and when it seemed as if you couldn’t fit more into your schedule, you realize that your kids are now teens and you should be preparing them as early as now.

If your teen has plans to enrol in some of the world’s most prestigious schools and you want them to have the best shot at them, enrolling them to International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) can boost their chances and help them become more skilled in different academic areas while instilling confidence and maturity.

In any case, planning for college doesn’t have to be stressful and it doesn’t have to consume every moment of your life. Most students (that includes us back then) don’t know just how many fantastic experiences and opportunities are in college – sadly only after graduation do we miss the college life.

In this article, we will discuss a couple of ideas that you can put into action today to get your teens excited about their college.

College campuses are not just a place of stress – it’s also fun

Take your teen to events on campus grounds. If you live near a college, then you automatically have year-round access to entertainment and performances. There are sporting events, classical musicians, lectures by prominent intellectuals and world leaders, or theatre and dance. Many campuses host multiple events that are family-friendly year-round.

College life as a student is one of the best and most memorable moments in a person’s life. It can also help if you share some awesome stories you had as a college student yourself.

Try out college apparel

On campus, take time to visit some of the facilities like the bookstore and have your child check out a sweatshirt or hat to take home. Wearing something as simple as a hat or a shirt with a university’s logo on it can make your teen feel invested and excited about starting school.

Because of this excitement, he will start paying attention to other schools as well. Indeed, sometimes the little things can go a long way to make a difference.

Learn more about the college options

Instruct your child to visit a couple of college websites just to get a feel for each one. Even if they don’t prefer a certain school, get them to send an application form anyway so that the university can begin sending brochures and other learning materials about life at the school.

Colleges and universities spend a lot each year on emails and marketing materials because they are effective at getting teens interested in their school.

Visit the school grounds

Colleges and universities offer tours of their campuses. These tours are led by either students or college representatives so the new potential student can get a feel on the environment and campus facilities.

Tours can be fun too! Don’t forget to visit the admissions office during the tour to get brochures and to greet the staff. Admissions offices do keep track visitors and making this demonstration of interest can make a small, yet positive impact on your child’s admissions chances.

These are just some of the many practical steps parents like us take to get our teens ready for college. However, if you’re looking to give them the extra edge they need to succeed after high school, consider enrolling them to an IB DP, which trains them not only academically, but physically and mentally – all of which are necessary as they enter a new chapter of their lives in college. Learn more about IB DP by going to schools like Global Indian International School which offers this course. Best of luck!

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