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Branching Out: 5 Elements of a Successful Oil and Gas Career

Working in petroleum can be a rewarding career choice. However, finding a successful oil and gas career may be a bit more challenging than some people realize. While this is true, as senior oil and gas workers are retiring and exiting the workforce, new, young talent is required to take their place.

While working with an oil and gas recruiter Denver is a great way to find new opportunities, there are some tips that should be used to help someone new to this industry find success. Keep reading to learn what these tips are.

5 Elements of a Successful Oil and Gas Career

1. Make Appropriate Connections

One of the most common mistakes made by ambitious and young professionals is having to work overly hard to please the senior-level staff and corporate big-wigs. While it is a good idea to try to impress superiors and bosses, it is also a good idea for individuals to remember what their position is.

As a junior staff member, take time to build new relationships with the operators in the field and support staff. These are the individuals working “in the trenches” too. Treating everyone fairly and equally and being courteous on the job is not just a tip to help ensure a happy and healthy life, it is also a tool that should be used for career advancement.

2. Don’t Allow the Oil Industry to be Daunting

A person should not allow their education, history of work, or current job to keep them from exploring new opportunities in the oil and gas industry. There are job options for people at all levels, and this includes pipeline jobs, oil refinery turnarounds, and more.

3. Determine an Interest

It is important to note that jobs in the petroleum industry are not limited to drilling platforms or offshore rigs. As an oil and gas project moves from the initial design stage to decommissioning and eventually to refining, there are countless different skill sets that are required. This is true for all positions, not just engineers. As a result, companies are searching for the right people to help handle the job and fill any skills gap that may be present in their workforce.

4. Locate a Mentor

When someone seeks a mentor in this field, it can unlock so many new opportunities in this industry and accelerate their career progress in multiple ways. A quality mentor who works in the petroleum field will provide real-world experience and training to complement the knowledge base a person already has. Keep in mind that competency is going to breed confidence, and personal mentor training provides the best hands-on and technical training this field offers, which can lead to a new recruit’s success in their chosen new career.

5. Polish the CV

To ensure a person has the best chance possible of getting the job they really want, they should make sure to improve and polish their CV. It needs to be tailored and customized to every job application submitted, which will increase the likelihood of being hired.

There is no question that there are many opportunities in the oil and gas field. Be sure to keep the tips here in mind to have the best chance of success. This will pay off in the long run and minimize the potential issues that may otherwise occur.

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