Aggravated assault and murders have increased in 2020 making many Americans feel unsafe and uncomfortable. With the rampant increase in crime, the restrictions on owning firearms have tightened and the debate about guns right has started stirring things up. The United States has always seen a love-hate relationship with the guns right leading to gun manufacturers developing systems that can help track every gun sold in the country. Websites like 80 Percent Arms have been promoting buying custom-made guns or buying parts to create your very own firearm. As the restrictions tighten up on the ownership of guns in the country, many are looking towards non-traditional methods of owning a firearm to maintain their privacy.

Ensure privacy with custom-made firearms

How to Avoid Common Mistakes Made By New Gun Owners

Although there is no such thing as a gun registry on a national level, the government can track your firearm due to all the procedures of buying guns set in place. Background checks, serial numbers on firearms, and other documentation have allowed the authorities to successfully track individuals whenever they want. With guns right being a really hot topic of debate, this has made many Americans uncomfortable due to privacy breaches. Kitting means compiling items that are usually used together into a single SKU.

Many people are resorting to building their guns in their garage to get rid of all the red tape associated with buying guns the traditional way. But what about the federal rule of registering guns? Since you’re going to be building the fire-arm yourself and will be used for personal use, according to the federal law you’re not required to register the weapon.

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Certain states also do not require you to engrave your weapon with a serial number. With all these benefits to owning a custom-made firearm, the popularity of DIY guns has skyrocketed as many look towards maintaining privacy while protecting their family.

Building your own weapon not only allows for maintaining privacy but also increases the appreciation for every component as you take your time to understand it. By doing so, you’ll be able to clean your weapon the right way and also prevent any issues that may arise such as gun jamming. On top of all of that, customizations allow you to own a gun that has the colors, logos, and markings that you want.

Custom-made firearms: Federal and State laws

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In the United States, as long as the guns right law permits individuals to buy a weapon at a store, one can choose to legally make custom-built weapons at their homes. Gun parts like grips, receivers, and more are considered to be raw materials and do not come under the gun control act of 1965 as a firearm. This makes custom-built guns legal to own.

However, the law varies at States level as many states have certain restrictions on gun parts which may impact the type of weapon you can custom-built at your own home. You must do your research on the state laws before you embark on this journey of owning a custom-made firearm.

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