Did you know car bumpers have been around since 1910? After World War II, Forest Gill, of Gill-Line Productions experimented with different materials and combined an adhesive with DayGlo ink to create the first-ever self-sticking bumper sticker.

Bumper stickers have evolved into political beliefs, expressing values, and many other messages. Keep reading, and we will walk through how to remove bumper stickers if it isn’t aging well or you don’t want it on your car anymore.

Types of Bumper Stickers

Forest Gill is credited to making some of the first bumper sticks, and they have evolved into a way for people to express themselves on their car. They are a form of decoration that you can stick to your bumper, back window, or any area of your vehicle.

StickerGiant launched in 2000 with John Fischer as CEO. He started with a bumper sticker that said “He Is Not My President” after a controversial election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. He sold 3,000 bumper stickers for $3 per sticker.

These were cheap bumper stickers, but they paid off. From liberal bumper stickers to republican bumper stickers, you will find ones with messages on both sides.

People find humor in bumper stickers as well. There are ones that joke about our country’s current political state, where they say we could elect any functioning adult.

Bumper stickers aren’t only used to express political beliefs. They are for marketing for businesses, products, or services.

People don’t want the bumper stickers to remain forever, especially if their beliefs change or the sticker starts to fade on their car.

How to Remove Bumper Stickers

We are going to guide you through how to remove bumper stickers with two easy steps. We want to make sure this doesn’t cause damage or leave marks on your vehicle.

1. Heat Tool

You can use a blow dryer, heat gun, or boiling water if you don’t have either of the first two tools. If you use a blow dryer or a heat gun, stand a foot away from the sticker, so you don’t melt the paint on your car.

You can hold the blow dryer over the sticker for about a minute and the heat gun for about 1-3 seconds. Once you need the sticker bubble or the edges start to lift, it’s ready. If you are using boiling water, pour it over the sticker to loosen the glue. You can use 2-3 cups of boiling water.

2. Plastic Scraper

You can use a plastic credit card, knife, or scraper to peel the bumper sticker off your car carefully. Make sure to scrape the sticker off, starting with the edges slowly.

Avoid ripping the sticker off. Don’t worry if the sticker rips, keep doing the heat and scrape method to avoid any damage to the surface of your car.

Get Rid of Your Old Bumper Stickers Today

If you’re looking to replace an old bumper sticker that you don’t agree with or doesn’t look great on your car, now you know how to remove bumper stickers.

Start with the heat method and then move into slow scraping with a plastic CC or knife.

Get out your blow dryer or keep reading about the latest world and political news here.