Your auto insurance claim is supposed to be a request made by you to your insurance company for seeking compensation. Insurance claims are supposed to cover all damages that have been caused as a result of an accident. Car repairs could prove to be quite expensive, hence, in the event; you are involved in a vehicle crash, it is important to initiate filing your insurance claim.

As per, the most effective way of reducing your insurance costs is by choosing the perfect car insurance and knowing how to get it right. Moreover, having sound knowledge of reasons that could make your insurance premium lower or higher could save money on your existing car insurance policy.

Steps for Car Insurance Claim Filing

Start by Contacting the Police

After you have encountered a car crash, it is of pivotal importance to initiate your car insurance claim process by contacting the police. You may be quite shocked and shattered after the accident; there are chances that you would not be thinking clearly. You may be too overwhelmed to examine and evaluate the situation. It is best to request an officer to take down all the details pertaining to the accident in the police report.

In case the other party tries to be difficult, your safety would be ensured by the police. An officer is the best person to arrange for an ambulance and other emergency services for tackling injuries or hazardous damages like leaking oil or fuel. Moreover, the police report could prove to be quite useful while filing your claim. Click here to learn more.

Filing an Accident Report Is Important

Many states in the United States have laws in place that make reporting an accident to the DMV or the Department of Motor Vehicles or the police mandatory. You should fully-understand your chief responsibilities at this point in time. Focus on doing whatever you are required to do. You may seek assistance from your insurance agent or get in touch with the office of the state insurance commissioner. You may seek the assistance of a lawyer for communicating effectively with your insurance company. Locate an experienced lawyer following this map.

Gather More Information about Your Vehicle Accident

Gathering your vehicle accident information list will go a long way in keeping track of all the important information that is necessary for filing your auto insurance claim. Focus on documenting the accident details and be prepared to provide the information to the insurance company.

Call & Contact Your Insurance Company

It is a good idea to call and contact your insurance agency from the accident spot itself at the earliest possible. They would be instructing you regarding the next steps to take and specify whatever information you should supply to them. Your insurer may help in arranging for your vehicle to be towed or he may organize a rental car.


Once your claim has been reported your car insurance agency will assign a claims professional like an adjuster for working with you every step of the way. They will be investigating the circumstances and working for you so that your claim is settled and your car is repaired.

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