Vehicle window tinting is an inexpensive upgrade that adds to your vehicle’s appearance. You’ll enjoy greater security and privacy when driving with friends and family around town. That’s not considering the 99.9 percent of UV rays you get protection from after applying window tint to your ride.

Paying a professional to install your vehicle window tint is a viable option, but it’s a wonderful DIY project if you have the tools and necessary skills. Knowing the types of window tints is essential, but you can only install them with the right window tint tools at your disposal.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning all about the window tint installation process and the tools you’ll need. Keep reading to learn more today!

1. Razor Blade

Auto Window Tinting

Razor blades are essential to install your window tint for your ride. A single-edged razor blade is the best option since trimming the tint for the perfect size is more manageable. The razor blade also allows you to use the hard edge as a scraping tool to remove debris from the previous tint.

2. Hard Card

A hard card is another vital tool for applying window tint to your car’s windows. The hard card allows you to get rid of any air or moisture pockets that get trapped between the window and the tint.

Make sure you’re using a card that is hard but easy to grip for the best results. You can find the best options for window tint tools linked here.

3. Squeegee

How Long Do Window Tints Last

Squeegees are underrated tools that make installing vehicle window tinting a much easier task. They work in the same manner as hard cards, but they cover a much larger area, making your life easier when getting rid of unwanted moisture beneath the tint. A good rule of thumb is to use the squeegee first and get any more minor spots with the hard card for the perfect window tint.

4. Spray Bottle

Spray bottles are also necessary when purchasing the best window tint tools for your DIY window tinting project. The window tint will only stick to your car’s windows if you have the mounting solution ready to go. Spraying the solution allows it to spread evenly across the window’s surface.

5. Heat Gun

Don't Tint Windows Too Much

A heat gun is the last tool to have if you plan to apply window tint to your car’s windows. The heat gun helps to give the window tint a smooth appearance after you’ve placed it on the windows. It will stick to the window with more support if you use a heat gun to finish the job.

Invest in These Window Tint Tools Today

Buying the right window tint tools is imperative if you want to turn vehicle window tinting into a side hustle or a DIY project. Make sure you have a single-edge razor and a heat gun when applying window tint to your car’s windows. Spray bottles and squeegees make life easier as you apply the tint to the window and remove any excess moisture.

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