Are you creating video emails that recipients open and watch? If not, you’re making a critical mistake. Attention-grabbing video emails are the most effective marketing tactic for your sales team to connect with decision-makers.

A video email software can ensure your messages move prospects through the buying process from initial awareness to purchase.

But how do you make sure your video email converts?

Here are seven essentials for attention-grabbing video emails that get results.

Video Emailing Tips

1. Make It Personal, Not Promotional

Make it Personal, Not Promotional

According to statistics, 64 percent of marketers see video as the most challenging content to create.

Your goal is to connect with prospects emotionally, so they want to watch the entire video. You need to personalize the video with a name and face to do this. Show your prospect that you’re there to help them, not sell them.

For example, if your VP of sales is filming an email on new product features, they also want to be sure they incorporate prospects’ pain points so they know what your product can do for them.

Show your interest that you understand their problems by mentioning what you see in the video.

2. Keep It Short

An attention-grabbing video email should be informative but not long and tedious. You can’t ask your recipients to devote more than 6 minutes of their time to watch a marketing piece, so they need to get the information they need quickly.

For example, suppose your director of sales is filming a demo video email for prospects that highlight new product features. In that case, they should cut out all distractions and include only what’s necessary – no long stories or personal rants. Just 5–6 minutes of pure selling!

3. Show, Don’t Tell

You want prospects to see the product in action to understand how it will benefit them fully. Using video email software is the best way to achieve this goal because you can show your product or service in use instead of just talking about its benefits.

Show your prospects what you have to visualize how they can use it to their advantage.

4. Use A Custom Created Script

Your video email will be more effective if you create a script and stick with it. It’s tempting to go off-script sometimes because you’re excited about the product and want prospects to learn as much as possible. However, this ruins the flow of your video.

Your script should include the details of your product or service, but you may need to customize it for each company depending on their industry.

Make sure you are consistently addressing your prospect’s concerns and pain points to maximize the effectiveness of the video.

5. Keep Your Brand Consistent

Keep Your Brand Consistent

Remember to keep your brand consistent throughout the video when sending an email about your product or service. It will help prospects understand that this is not a sales pitch from an unknown company or individual.

Your goal is to make prospects feel confident in doing business with you. For example, your VP of sales should use their logo and company colors in the video while filming a demo video email for prospects.

6. Include A Call-to-Action

After watching your video email, your prospect needs to know what you want them to do, so make sure there is a clear call-to-action (CTA). A good CTA tells them they can get more information or schedule a demo. They may only watch five minutes of your video before deciding whether or not they’ll engage with you.

Having a solid call-to-action gives your prospect the final push to take action!

7. Test Your Video Email

Test Your Video Email

Once you’ve created your script and recorded your video, it’s time to test it! The best way to make sure the email will be successful is to send a draft to friends and colleagues for their feedback. Ask them how they felt about the video and contact you to set up a meeting after watching the email.

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