Things You Probably Did Not Know About Medical Credentialing Services

Medical credentialing is the process where the medical providers are evaluated to ensure that he disqualified and authorized to handle patients and provide patient care. It is a process that seeks a high level of quality in the healthcare industry as the patient’s life depends on it. Medical credentialing is one of the most complex, tiresome, and time-taking processes. There are several steps involved in the process of credentialing starting from contacting the source of the healthcare provider to find out all the necessary information about their qualification.

This process is extremely important for the healthcare organization for the protection of the patients, the medical organization as well as the healthcare provider. The process involves a CVO (Credential Verification Organization) whose job is to contact the provider’s university to verify that their degree and ensure that they have gone through all the mandatory training. Credentialing is not only important for the reputation of the healthcare organization but the physician as well as without being properly credentialed the provider cannot receive permission to practice or get paid for the service they provide.

Beneficial to all medical stakeholders

Medical credentialing services are equally important to all stakeholders in the medical industry. Through this process, the healthcare provider received quality assurance that all their medical staff is fully qualified to perform their tasks. Similarly, insurance companies also look for professionals who have passed their credentialing prices and have shown that they have the required skills need to perform the job. Many times the healthcare organization receives preference from insurance providers if the doctors and practitioners have the proper credentialing which boosts the customer base for them.

The medical credentialing services process is also a source of assurance to the patients that they are in the hands of well-skilled people. This helps build trust between the practitioner and the patient. Patients are received as they know that the healthcare organization, they choose is adhering to the healthcare standards. They also know that they will receive the best quality medical services. Credentialing also reduces the chances of errors and mishandling reducing the cost of medical practices.

A thorough Examination can speed up the process

You can speed up your medical credentialing services process by carefully and correctly filling out your medical credentialing application. You also have to go through an in-depth and thorough revision of all documents to ensure that it is free of any errors and all requirements present. You can also speed up your credentialing process by requesting verification by calling up the verification source to ensure the process is as fast as possible. Another way you can accelerate the process is to make sure there is no pending license. For that, you have to go through all the licenses required for the process of credentialing and check for pending licenses. Without a thorough examination of the entire documents, licenses, and application form you would not be able to speed up the credentialing process.

Verifying From the Primary Source

You can also verify the credentialing directly from the primary source. This has two benefits first, it will remove extra time and cost, and secondly, decreases the chances of medical fraud as the verification is being performed from the primary source and no third part of a middleman is present. Furthermore, the board of medicine examines and confirms the medical license of each practitioner and there are rigid and strict rules to ensure the best quality of practices are being performed in healthcare. You might not know but the average number of days to process medical credentialing documents can be up to 90 days. However, it depends on how you have filled the form. If there are any errors in filling the application and if the required documents are not present, the process can take more days than that.

This helps to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies. The staff responsible for the verification of the credentialing application form has to go through verification, proper evaluation, examination and reviews, and lastly approval stages of credentialing. If the credentialing claim is being verified from an outer source then it may take more time as the CVO does not have any authority over the process and the information is verified. This can further result in delays.

The credentialing process is an important part of the firm medical industry hence. It provides benefits to all the stakeholders involved providing quality assurance and reading the customer base. Now that you are aware of some lesser-known facts about credentialing it’s time to apply these to your healthcare organization to make the credentialing process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

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