If you are ready to start your trip to ITIL 4 managing professional status, or just want to learn more about direct, plan, and improve training experts, this blog for you. Of course, the main writer Claire Agutter shares his knowledge and the top tips to help you decide whether ITIL 4 certification is right for you and preparing for your study.

Everything About The ITIL 4 Strategist Course

Where is this course suitable in the ITIL qualifying scheme 4?

Direct, plan, and improve (DPI) unique in the ITIL 4 certification scheme, as a building block for professional leaders and ITIL leaders. You can take a course as a self-certified certification or bring it along with other courses to become ITIL managing professionals or ITIL 4 strategic leaders. In the ITSM zone, we continue to release the new 4th ITIL training course, so make sure you sign up for our bulletin to be informed because it was released. ITIL 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value Certification is also more popular these days.

Who is the course for?

Who is the course

The DPI course is intended for it and digital managers at all levels, which have a role in forming directions, strategies, or sustainable improvement. This is relevant for:

  • Anyone who plans work improves products or manages organizational changes
  • IT professionals who interact with governance, risks, and compliance capabilities

The title of the specific role that will benefit from this course will include:

  • Continuous improvement manager
  • Change manager
  • Capacity manager
  • It operations manager.
  • Cloud architect.
  • Company architect
  • Service portfolio manager.
  • Service designer
  • Risk manager
  • Information Security / Compliance Manager
  • Cloud System Engineer

What is the structured course?

This course is arranged around eight modules, each of which is broken into individual lessons so you can manage your learning at your own pace and according to your lifestyle. Like all our courses, lessons include a mixture of independent on-screen content, exercise, storytelling, and animation, quizzes, and documents that can be downloaded.

Modules include:

  • Module 1 – dpi key concept
  • Module 2 – scope dpi, principle, and the main method
  • Module 3 – Role of Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Module 4 – Focus on improvement
  • Module 5 – Focus on organizational change management
  • Module 6 – DPI, Measurement, and Reporting
  • Module 7 – DPI, Stream and Practice Value
  • Module 8 – Recap and exam preparation

What is the main learning point?

What is the main learning point

Take ITIL 4 direct, plan and improve training will give you skills and knowledge to:

  • Ensuring the TAB TABLE team align their work effectively to meet business objectives
  • Break down silos by encouraging a holistic approach, system thinking to appreciate co-creation
  • Adjust tools and techniques throughout the operating model, with minimal interference
  • Use the ITIL guidance principles, strong business cases, strong planning, and effective control when developing a change management program that is in harmony with a strategic vision
  • Create a regular reporting cycle and take advantage of the way of work slim, agile, and DevOps to remove waste and push the feedback loop
  • Understanding the importance of governance and compliance and organizational assistance remains strong in digital disorders.

What will I find interesting?

What will I find interesting

If you already have ITSM and ITIL experience, you will enjoy learning about service management at a more strategic level. This course sees ‘why’ organization, and how products and services help to achieve their vision and mission.

Do you have deep or not ITIL experience, you will leave a more holistic course, see planning and improvement in the value chain.

What will I find the most challenging?

The DPI course helps ITSM practitioners to instill the ITIL method in the overall IT strategy. The focus is on cultural learning and improvement, but this can be a challenge for students working in Suhed’s organization. It is important to approach the course content with a holistic mindset, to see where improvements are possible in your own organization and scope of your own control.

What are the benefits of ITIL 4 Direct, plan and improve strategic certification?

ITIL 4 strategically: dpi will help you as a professional for:

  • Encourage a culture of sustainable improvement
  • Speed up decision making
  • Balance Innovation and Compliance

ITIL 4 certification is assessed throughout the world and is recognized by employers as a sign that you have the skills and knowledge of the latest service management. Achieving certification is an investment in your career.

What are the benefits of taking the eLearning zone course for ITIL 4 DPI?

Let’s consider this question from the perspective of the organization and individual.

For organizations, there will be real benefits that are realized by training staff in the DPI module. It’s easy for the staff to only see their own part of the organization, which leads to traffic jams and increases. DPI encourages a holistic focus and better alignment with the organization’s vision and mission as a whole.

For individuals, there are benefits of clear work capabilities that come by having the latest certification on your resume. But the training is around more than just having a certificate, it’s about exposure to new ideas and the results that he can deliver. If you have worked at ITSM for a long time, this training will give you the opportunity to consider product management and services at a strategic level.