Every state has different rules and regulations for reporting an accident. Reporting of an accident is essential for filing a charge against the faulty driver in case of damage to the vehicle or property, physical injuries, or death. If you meet with a motor accident in Missouri, there are certain points to keep in mind according to the Missouri Motor Vehicle Accident Report. I have learned a few things that are unique about this report.

The checklist

Here is the checklist for everyone driving vehicles in Missouri. These facts about the Missouri Motor Vehicle Accident Report will help you in taking the right action if, God forbids, you meet with an accident.

  1. When should I report an accident for the Missouri motor vehicle accident report?
  2. What should I do when I meet with an accident?
  3. Whom should I inform about the accident?
  4. What details should I share about the accident in the Missouri motor vehicle accident report?
  5. What happens if both the drivers are at fault?
  6. Role of law enforcement in Missouri motor vehicle accident report
  7. How much amount can I claim with the Missouri motor vehicle accident report?

Before we talk in detail about the above-mentioned points, it is important to note that thereโ€™s no substitute for safe driving and avoiding accidents. The good news is that there are many simple things we all can do to minimize the chance of an accident. These include keeping the vehicle in the top order. For instance, we should ensure that the brakes are reliable and that the tires have a good tread depth. You should never drive faster than the speed limits and always abide by the driving rules and regulations.

When should I report an accident?

When should I report an accident

Missouri accident should be reported when you meet with an accident and the following facts apply –

  • One of the involved drivers is uninsured,
  • There is a damage of property above $500, and/or in case of personal injury or death due to the accident,
  • The accident happened within not more than one year of filing the report.

What should I do when I meet with an accident and whom should I inform?

No one likes to get in a car accident. This is an unfortunate thing to happen but sometimes things go wrong and accidents happen. When you are involved in an accident, you must act as a responsible citizen without fighting over who was at fault.

  • Stop at a safe place
  • Jump out of the vehicle if possible
  • Help anyone injured in the accident without fighting over the fault. Call necessary help so that the injured can be treated as soon as possible.
  • All parties involved will have their liabilities and duties to fulfill; so share the required details with them without creating unnecessary delays.
  • Do not leave the accident spot until allowed by the law; otherwise, you may get into trouble.

The Missouri motor vehicle accident report requires you to inform various parties involved in the accident. As the very first thing, you should inform the police. You may call 911 for help in Missouri and share all required details. When you inform the police about the accident, they may send an investigation officer and you will not require filing any lawsuit.

Once you inform the law enforcement and call for injury help, you should inform them about the accident to your insurance company and share all necessary details with them. You will require submitting details of the vehicles and drivers involved in the accident. Share all details they ask for. They may also ask you to describe the scene properly to get an idea of what has happened.

You should also inform the insurance company of other drivers who you think maybe at fault to claim the compensation amount from them.

What details should I share about the accident in the Missouri motor vehicle accident report?

What details should I share about the accident in the Missouri motor vehicle accident report

There is a detailed list of information in the Missouri motor vehicle accident report. The report will include the date of the accident, time of the accident, number of vehicles involved in this accident, and detailed description of the vehicle including model and number. It also involves details of all the drivers involved in the accident, personal injury that occurred to any or all the drivers and passengers, insurance status of all drivers, location of the accident, the direction where all the drivers were heading, and the description of the accident as per the records derived from all the evidence available.

You will need to provide whatever data you are asked for regarding your vehicle, license, and insurance. You also need to brief the scenario as specifically as you can. This will help them in forming records of what has happened. However, they will cross verify the same with other people at the spot too. You should share the location details carefully and describe if anyone needs help. Your priority should be saving those who are injured.

You will have to share information with mainly four parties. Your first interaction can be with the 911-helpline executive who will ask you majorly about the location and incident facts. Then you have to share license and driver details with your policy company and the policy company of the other party. You will have to share all required details with the investigating officer. Do not leave the place without their permission.

What happens if both the drivers are at fault?

In Missouri, there is a pure law of comparative fault. This means when both the drivers are at fault, they can still claim for reimbursement depending upon the level of fault they have made.

If two drivers meet with an accident and both of them are at fault, both can still ask for a claim. In such cases, a comparative analysis is carried out. The one who is found at 60% fault will give 20% reimbursement to the one who was at 40% fault. For example, if a driver files a claim for $10,000 against damages but the report concludes that the claiming driver also made 20% fault, he can then get a claim for $8,000 only. The driver who made 80% fault will get relief of paying for 20% of damage not caused due to his fault.

Many countries follow the comparative fault rule in the motor vehicle accident. It differs for different countries how they compare the faults of drivers but in Missouri, everything is counted.

Role of law enforcement in Missouri motor vehicle accident report

Role of law enforcement in Missouri motor vehicle accident report

Law enforcement plays an important role in the Missouri motor vehicle accident report. As this is an accident report, there can be a lawsuit filed by any of the parties. In case of major harm, an investigation officer will be involved for sure. He/she will investigate the scenario and try to give important output regarding the fault. You have to comply with all the rules and regulations. Insurance companies cannot save you if you are found to be involved in breaking rules and regulations enforced by law. Hence, you must follow the driving rules.

After the accident happens, you must act within the boundaries of law and act as the investigation officer guides you. Though you will be given an opportunity to prove your innocence, you should let the officer investigate in his own way. However, the statement of the investigation officer will play a major role in the whole matter including monetary claims and legal claims, if any.

Do not restrict the officer from investigating. You have to answer everything they ask you about the scenario and information related to your vehicle registration and license. If any officer finds you guilty, they may give you a ticket. You can peacefully try to convince them of your innocence but do not force them and if they ask you to sign the ticket, do so.

How much amount can I claim with the Missouri motor vehicle accident report?

You can claim against an accident in three ways. Via your insurance company, the insurance company of the other party, and by filing a lawsuit against the other party.

You will need to inform the insurance company of both parties to get the insurance claim for your damage. The motor insurance law in Missouri involves a claim facility for both parties. They pay your claim for any damages that happen and they pay to the other party if any damages happen to their vehicle because of you.

If the other party is uninsured, you can file a lawsuit or go for the Missouri motor vehicle accident report where you can claim for the damage amount. Filing a lawsuit is not essential if you do not want to do so. There is another authority for the Missouri motor vehicle accident report to provide you the proper compensation in case the other party is uninsured.

Other things to outline about the Missouri motor vehicle accident report are as follows.

  • The report has to be generated when one of the parties is uninsured. If they are insured, the insurance company will take care of the claims. Sometimes the insurance does not cover the claims you have made; in that case, you can ask for this report.
  • In case of major injuries or death, law enforcement is essential and everything should be done lawfully. You should not do anything that makes you guilty in the eyes of law.
  • Though the accident report is available for damages over $500, you may claim a small amount of damage too. There are small courts to hear such cases and solve cases up to $5,000. Attorneys do not take small and easy cases, as they do not get high pay for the same. In that case, if you do not get a resolution for your claim, you may approach small courts.
  • You can hire an attorney in case of a big claim or you are unable to get your claim or the other party has claimed a huge amount from you. If you have been held responsible for any personal injury or death, then also it is helpful to have an attorney.
  • If you find yourself at fault for sure, you may state it but in case of confusion, never give a statement that holds you responsible for the situation. Various factors cause an accident to occur and if you accept your fault without being sure, you may lose the claim and may need to pay the whole amount of damage. Hence, do not make your case weak by accepting your fault if you are not 100% sure.
  • Collect evidence. If you want to prove the fault of another driver (s), the best way is to collect your evidence. Others may investigate the truth but there is no surety of getting the evidence or true representation. It is always better to be ready with evidence, as you were present at the spot right from the happening of the accident. Collect them before they fade and show them to the investigation officer and insurance company for getting a better claim.
  • The in-fault driver will be asked for security. There are options for payment of this security amount. Hearings are conducted to give both parties an opportunity to prove themselves right.

If you take care of all these things, you will be able to get a claim for your damages or conversely, get relief from paying a huge amount of money in claims. There is a transparent system in Missouri for a claim of accident. You must follow the driving rules of Missouri like putting on the seat belt, not driving when drunk, not driving without insurance, etc. If you follow the basic rules of driving, you will be at lesser chances of being at fault in case of an accident and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

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