Every year Black Friday rolls around, hoping to steal your attention with blowout deals and promises of unmissable sales, but do you know what it’s all about? And do you know what’s worth the splurge or better to take a pass on? Luckily, unique review platforms allow consumers to share feedback on companies and products to guide you; reviewsbird reviews are an example of high-quality customer feedback and experiences. So when is black friday, and is it worth all the attention it gets? Whether it’s 84 Lumber or Amazon you are into, it helps to build your holiday-shopping arsenal before venturing out or online this Black Friday.

What Is All The Black Friday Fuss About?

black friday sale

Deriving its origin story from a gold pricing-related market crash to a day of sales that left retailers in ‘the black’ and an exhausted police department in Philadelphia that coined the term, ultimately, what matters in the present-day is its meaning and value to modern shoppers. Expect discounts and promotions usually not seen at any other time of year and the in-store pandemonium that often follows.

Key Dates You Need To Know This Black Friday

black friday sale

To make it easy to remember, the fourth Friday of November is Black Friday; in 2022, it will be on the 25th of the month. The timeline goes as follows; Thanksgiving, followed immediately by Black Friday and Cyber Monday, although this can often turn into an entire week of sales known as Cyber Week. To complicate matters, numerous more minor sales start leading up to the big day; as such, you might get an early opportunity to snap up some of your wishlist items, albeit at a less discounted price.

How To Get The Most Out Of Black Friday

It would help if you had a game plan to be one step ahead of the average shopper and get the best Black Friday deals when November 25th arrives. Take note of retailer announcements through newsletters and banners on their sites or social pages; this is where you’ll find essential information like dates, times, and specific savings. Familiarise yourself with the store layout if you plan to shop at brick-and-mortar stores or prepare an easy-to-access list to be quick on the draw once online shopping opens. Establish your ideal spending amount up front, and don’t be tempted to blow your budget in excitement; unsurprisingly, stores anticipate this happening and will lure you with an upsell.

Black Friday Or Cyber Monday?

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With so many bumper sales around Black Friday, deciding which ones to shop can be overwhelming. Each comes with its unique offering; therefore, the best deal is the one that will work for you. If you prefer the tactile element of choosing items and filling your basket, then Black Friday might be for you; however, if you would rather sit on your sofa in your pajamas and click add to cart, then Cyber Monday is best. Sometimes the offers are different, and you may win or lose a little depending on the sale, but ultimately you will save considerably, and that’s the point.

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