Thousands of people are injured in DIY accidents every year.

If you’re an avid DIYer, you’ve probably had your fair share of close calls.

Falls, cuts, burns and back injuries are just some of the risks you face when you’re working on home projects. That’s why you need to buy some protective equipment.

Read on to find out the 5 most important pieces you should wear.

Stay Safe with this Essential Protective Equipment

No matter whether you’re building, fixing, destroying, or decorating, here are 5 things you should use.

1. Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are essential for when you’re working with sharp tools, heat, glue or chemicals. They’ll protect your hands from abrasions, splinters, and burns.

When you’re shopping around, look for thick, heat-insulated gloves. Then, make sure they fit well and aren’t liable to fall off or get caught in tools or machinery.

2. Ear Defenders

DIY can be a noisy business.

It’s not just an annoyance. It’s damaging, too. Over time, exposure to loud noises from power tools can cause hearing loss. You ought to invest in a pair of ear defenders to keep your hearing intact.

3. Flame-Resistant Clothing

What do you wear when you’re doing your DIY?

Regular clothes like t-shirts, jeans or sweatpants won’t cut it. You need something that’s built for the purpose of protection.

This doesn’t mean that you need to cover up with a suit of armor to keep yourself safe. There is plenty of comfortable protective clothing out there, which is both practical and comfortable, giving you the freedom you need to move around safely while you’re working.

Most importantly, it’s flame-retardant. Regular clothes can easily catch fire, but when you wear these, you don’t have to worry. FR Outlet offers a great range of flame-resistant protective clothing you can wear.

4. An N95 Mask

When you’re working with wood and other materials, there’s always lots of dust, sawdust and other particles floating around in the air.

That’s why you should purchase an N95 mask. This will stop these particles from making their way into your lungs. They filter out 95% of all non-oil-based particles, so you can breathe easy while you’re working.

5. Safety Goggles

Safety goggles are an absolute must-have for all DIY enthusiasts.

When you’re using any kind of power tool, you need to shield your eyes from debris. Whether you’re working with a drill, a sander, a nail gun or a jigsaw, there’s always a danger that something can fly off and hit you in the eye.

Always keep a pair of PPE safety goggles handy and remember to put them on before each time you use a power tool.

It’s Better to Be Safe than Sorry

With this protective equipment, you can tackle any DIY project with peace of mind.

Instead of worrying about making mistakes and hurting yourself, you can focus on getting the job done. However, no matter how safe you are, it’s important to always handle every job with care.

To find out more about potential DIY hazards, read our posts about the injuries you could sustain.

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