Sin City is so in right now! 32.2 million people visited Las Vegas in 2021, making Las Vegas one of the most popular cities in the United States.

There are many things to see in Vegas, and everyone can find something to do. However, you may find that you have far too many options. In order to make your vacation easy, you should research the best things to do in Las Vegas.

What is gambling like in Las Vegas? Where should you go if you want to get outside of the casinos? What’s there to do outside of Las Vegas?

Answer these questions and you can create a perfect itinerary for a Vegas vacation. Here is your quick guide.


Las Vegas Strip

Ask anyone about Las Vegas attractions, and they’ll talk to you about gambling. Las Vegas has dozens of casinos you can visit, and you can pursue many different games of chance.

Slot machines are one of the easiest ways to gamble. You put in your money, pull on a lever, and see if you hit the jackpot. You may be able to make thousands of dollars from a single session.

If you’re more interested in skill-based games, you can try poker. Cash games let you play at a single table for long periods of time. Multiple-table tournaments or sit-and-go tournaments let you compete with players at different tables to win large amounts of money.

You can also try dice games and card games. Blackjack combines luck and skill, making it a good choice for people who are new to casinos.

Visit several different casinos in and around Las Vegas. Each one offers different games and has a unique pool of players you can compete against.

Seeing Shows

Cirque du Soleil runs several shows in Las Vegas. Michael Jackson ONEΒ is a tribute to Michael Jackson, featuring his music and dance performances. O is a water-based show with acrobats, divers, and synchronized swimmers.

The Blue Man Group offers performance art shows that combine visual art, music, and surreal comedy. If you’ve already seen the Blue Man Group, you can find other variety shows that combine art with music and other acts together. Popular variety shows in Las Vegas include V – The Ultimate Variety Show and Absinthe.

Magic shows are another popular form of entertainment. David Copperfield has his own theater in Las Vegas, and David Blaine performs in several theaters throughout the city.

Many casinos also have their own theaters where you can view theatrical performances, concerts, and stand-up acts. Ask the casino staffers you meet about what shows are going on during your Las Vegas vacation. Most major musicians and stand-up comedians stop in Vegas for at least one night, so do your research to see if your favorites are in town.

Visiting Museums

Visiting Museums

Museums are some of the most underrated places to go in Las Vegas. The Mob Museum is one of the few museums in the United States that focuses on organized crime.

If you’re more interested in playing games, you can go to the Pinball Hall of Fame. You can look at classic pinball games from decades ago and play them. The museum is very popular during hot and rainy days, so feel free to go and meet some of the locals.

If you like the macabre, you can visit The Haunted Museum. You can look at many different supposedly haunted objects, and you can take guided tours of the museum at night. You can also visit Bodies: The Exhibition at Luxor and view dozens of different bodies and body parts.

Art lovers can visit The ARIA Fine Art Collection and look at sculptures and works of modern art. The Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art lets you view art from around the world, and gallery managers rotate its exhibits so you always have something new to see.

Seeing Natural Wonders

You can find natural wonders in Las Vegas as well as outside the city. Springs Preserve is just three miles from the Las Vegas Strip. You can walk through botanical gardens and butterfly houses and go bicycling down trails.

Clark County Wetlands Park is a desert landscape. You can view many types of wildlife, including coyotes and turtles. You can also go hiking and biking, including off-trail.

The Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument is 20 miles outside the city. You can look at prehistoric fossils and rocks as well as rare flowers.

Many people like to visit the Hoover Dam. If you’re in the area, you should go to Lake Mead, which has hundreds of miles of shoreline. You can spend the day lounging on the beach or boating on the water, and you can sit on docks and go fishing.

Downtown Las Vegas

The Grand Canyon is 270 miles away from Las Vegas. This makes it hard to get to, but you can plan a day trip out of the city or go camping overnight. Grand Canyon tours from Vegas are available throughout the year, and you can hire guides to take you to major sites like Antelope Canyon.

Enjoying the Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

The best things to do in Las Vegas may surprise you. Gambling may be the most obvious attraction. You can play many different games, including poker, and earn thousands of dollars.

When you’re done with games, you can see incredible shows, including from major performers. You can also learn about art, history, and science at museums all throughout the city. Las Vegas is near natural wonders like Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, which are great for day trips.

These activities are just the tip of the Vegas iceberg. Read more Las Vegas vacation guides by following our coverage.