Ranching cattle is a fantastic way to make money off of your land while getting to work with incredible animals.  Planning can ensure that your animals are healthy and happy and that your profit margins are large enough to make this line of work worth it.

These are some important tips to follow to ensure that your cattle business thrives.

Tips To Streamline Your Cattle Business

Pick The Right Land And Forage

Pick The Right Land And Forage

Where you keep your cattle and what they eat matters.  If you pick a field that floods easily, your cattle won’t eat enough or may be prone to illness.  On the other hand, an area with too little grass can lead to issues with the cattle weighing in underweight which can be unhealthy and cut out some of your profits. SO, selecting the right land is important for your cattle business.

Choose A Software That Makes Things Easy For You

Smart software can change everything.  Not only can the right software show you how long it’s been since some of your animals had care or shots, but it can also show you weight fluctuations or other information that you’ll need to know to ensure your animals are healthy.  Beef cattle management software is a must that you shouldn’t go without.

Ensure Your Budget Is Laid Out Early

Budgeting is a must and is something that a ranch will fail without.  Take the time to plot out how much you will need to invest in each animal every month and how much your profit margin will be in the end if you don’t have customers lined up or a processor who will take care of the next steps for you, research this and call a couple of companies to compare their prices.

Hire Hands To Help Maintain The Property

Hire Hands To Help Maintain The Property

Properly maintained land leads to healthier animals and better products in the end.  The best way to ensure your property runs smoothly and stays up to date is to hire employees who know what they’re doing.  This means hands who have worked with cattle before or are extremely trainable so that you can teach them exactly what your animals need.  Don’t hire and then hope for the best: train thoroughly.

Pick The Right Breed Of Cattle

Different breeds of cattle offer other perks.  The most common breeds are American Criollo breeds, but if you live somewhere with rough winters, you may want to consider a Galloway or Scotch Highland herd instead.  Crossbreeding multiple types of cows or raising various breeds may complicate things and leave you unsure of what results.

Tag Them To Identify Them Easily

Tag Them To Identify Them Easily

The more easily identify your animals are, the better treatment and care you can offer them.  Not only is being able to pick them out individually important to keep up to date on their vaccinations and vet visits, but it also ensures that you know how much weight they’ve gained, if they’re keeping up with your other animals, and how fast they’re growing.

Your cattle rely on you for everything.  Take the time to take care of them, feed them well, and you’ll see a great return on your investment.

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