Most of the MBA aspirants in India prefer ISB, the Indian School of Business, or ISB, is one of the most popular choices for Indian MBA aspirants. Hence, it is imperative for every MBA admission consultants to be astutely aware of the nuances of the ISB admissions process. In this aspect, Experts’ Global is the only firm to have been able to master an absolute understanding of the ISB admissions process. This is evidenced by the fact that the firm has helped 90% of its applicants receive an interview from ISB and that many of their former students credit Experts’ Global’s wonderful ISB admissions consultancy for their success.

The following section explains the characteristic features that make Experts’ Global the most preferred ISB admission consultants

Thorough Understanding of ISB

Experts’ Global commands an incredibly detailed understanding of the ISB admission process. Moreover, having helped 100s of students ace the ISB admissions process, the mentors are thoroughly acquainted with the ISB admission process. Thus, they can tell you that while applying to any of the application cycles will not impact your chances of admission, you must apply in the first cycle if you want to be considered for a scholarship; scholarship opportunities are limited in the subsequent admission cycles. The Experts’ Global mentors can also guide you in selecting the program concentrations and student clubs that best suit your career goals.

Astute Theme Development

ISB does not ask for a resume but only two essays. Thus, the students can only share their experiences and career aspirations through these two, extremely limited essays. Experts’ Global understands the importance of these essays and also believes that a strong application, worthy of candidacy, is one that tells a story. Moreover, the essay-writing team at the firm knows exactly the type of essays that the ISB Admissions Committee desires to see. Accordingly, they develop robust themes that bind each student’s unique experiences and accomplishments, making it a compelling narrative.

Interview Training

Compared to other B-schools, ISB places more importance on the admissions interview. Hence, Experts’ Global has developed an astute interview training program that thoroughly prepares the student to ace the admission interview. This training program begins with familiarizing the student with the interview fundamentals. This teaching is accomplished by a series of video essays. Next, the student answers a list of thirty most frequently asked interview questions. Thereafter, the interview mentor conducts several mocks, keeping in mind the specific learning needs of the student. The mocks are interspersed with feedbacks to keep the student updated on their progress.

Punctuality and Organization

A particularly distinguishing aspect of the Experts’ Global ISB admission consulting practice is the strict adherence to discipline. The mentors are highly organized and this tendency ensures that the student is able to complete the admission process comfortably and within time. The students receive the essays with enough time to revise and finalize the documents. Even students, who have enrolled with only a month to the admission deadline, have never complained of delays.

No Cap on Consultation; No Limits on Iterations

Usually, admission consultants limit the number of sessions a student can have with his/her mentor. But, Experts’ Global believes that they are not closing deliverables but helping shape their student’s career. Hence, they do not cap the number of revisions that you may request because they believe that you must feel confident and satisfied about your MBA application. Moreover, while they can only commit so much time, they always willingly schedule that extra appointment, if you desire.

Thus, exceptional work ethic, disciplined approach, and encyclopedic knowledge of the ISB process makes Experts’ Global the best ISB admission consultants.