Did you know that those with low income do not seek professional legal help for 86% of the civil legal problems they face? If you are in a situation right now where you are wondering if you can afford the legal help you need, we are here to share the average attorney fees you can expect to see.

Keep reading to learn that you more than likely can afford to have an attorney in your corner in your legal matter.

Average Hourly Rates

Some attorneys will charge you by the hour instead of by the case. This will depend on the case, their experience, and the area you live in. The hourly rates can range between $100 to $400.

If you live in a bigger city you can expect to pay on the higher end of the hourly rate scale. If your case is more complex you can also expect to pay more per hour.

If the attorney you are considering charges by the hour you can ask if there is a cap at the number of hours they will charge you. The last thing you need is a bill for 100 hours when you had a budget to pay for 15.

The best way to have an estimate on what you can expect to pay is by contacting a local attorney and setting up a consultation.

Average Flat Rates

You might find an attorney that charges a flat rate instead of an hourly rate. These flat rates can range between $700 to $1000 average. Again, this rate will vary based on how complex the case is and how much time they will have to take out to work the case.

Typically, if you do not have all the money upfront for their flat rate they will take a deposit and payments for an agreed amount of time. Make sure to look over the flat fee contract to make sure you understand if there will be any hidden fees in the future. For example, a lawyer might still charge you for any court appearances they have to make in person.

Sliding-Scale Fee

This is something that some law firms offer where the price is based on your ability to pay. This usually depends on your income and family size. Those with lower incomes will pay less than those with higher incomes and the prices can vary anywhere on the price scale.

Consultation Fee

While many lawyers will not charge you for a consultation fee, some will. This can range between $50-$100 for the first hour. Some attorneys will apply this consultation fee to your fees if you were to hire them to represent you.

Now You Know the Average Attorney Fees

As you can see average attorney fees can vary thanks to so many factors. Setting up multiple consultations with different attorneys in the area will help you get a better understanding of what lawyers charge where you live for your unique case.

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