Working in the construction industry is interesting. Besides offering competitive salaries, it allows you to travel and work with diverse co-workers. You also get to see immediate results from your construction work.

Being a demanding industry with heavy use of tools and machinery, accidents are quite common. The injuries are often severe, with falls contributing to 39% of deaths. Here are some of the most common construction injuries.

Falling From Height Injuries

Falling from heights is the leading cause of fatalities in a construction site. The impact of falls leads to severe organ damages that often cause death. These falls arise from unprotected edges of elevated work surfaces such as cranes, ladders, roofs, and scaffolds.

When falling from the rooftop, your body will hit other objects or surfaces before landing on the ground. This makes it almost impossible to survive.

To prevent such falls, employees should use fall protection equipment. These include personal fall arrest systems, safety net systems, and guardrails. Also to prevent falls from heights you should use hand gloves. There are so many gloves around the market you can try but will suggest you to use Everprogloves.

Injuries From Trip, Slip, and Fall From Ground Level

Slipping or tripping is common in all workplaces and usually results in injuries. You can fall from uneven terrain, slippery surfaces, clutter, debris, or unsafe stairs. When you slip or trip, you can land on the ground, hard surfaces of machinery, sharp ends of objects, or even holes and ditches.

Such injuries can get prevented through:

  • Keeping work areas clean, and out of the clutter
  • Wearing proper footwear with good traction
  • Keeping work areas well-lit, especially at night
  • Training workers to adhere to safety measures

Some of these injuries are related to negligence on the employer’s side. If you are a victim, find an injury lawyer to assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit or workers’ compensation claim against the construction company.

Moving Objects Injuries

Moving objects, which include diggers, supply vehicles, and overhead lifting equipment, are common in the construction sites. You can get hit by them if you’re caught unaware in their paths. Because of the noise in the construction sites, you might not hear the oncoming object, increasing your chances of getting hit.

Therefore, you should:

  • Put on high visibility jackets to ensure you’re easily seen
  • Be watchful of your surroundings, especially if the objects lack beepers or light
  • Not work close to the moving objects

Injuries From Falling Objects and Collapsing Trenches

Accidents related to the collapse of trenches or falling objects are common in construction sites. Trenches collapse often, and in the process suffocate, crush or bury alive the workers trapped inside.

Workers can also get injured whenever there’s an unexpected collapse of a building under construction. It’s also common for buildings and structures being demolished to fall on workers. Also, employees sometimes get injuries from tools and construction materials falling from a higher level.

Employees should always;

  • Wear protective gears
  • Secure their tools using best support materials
  • Be watchful of suspended loads
  • Secure trenches and inspect them regularly
  • Stack materials safely to prevent falls.

Electrical Injuries

Most of the electrical accidents result from direct or indirect contacts with power cables and electrical equipment. Exposure to live electrical parts can cause burns, nerve damage, muscular contraction, cardiac arrest, or even death. Electrocution causes most of the falls from scaffolds and ladders.

Some of these injuries occur when unqualified stuff try to carry out electrical work. In some cases, lightning can strike a tall structure and electrocute the workers inside.

Noise Injuries

Noise from machines and equipment is rampant in construction areas. It can distract you from the task at hand, leading to an accident. With excess noise, you may not hear a falling object or an oncoming vehicle, and you end up getting hit.

Apart from the dull hearing and ringing in the ears, the high noise level can cause permanent deafness. Therefore, employees working under extreme noise environment should wear hearing protectors such as earplugs and earmuffs.

Heat injuries arise from exposure to direct sunlight, fire, hot substances, etc. Heat can cause heatstroke, burns, and skin cancer.

Exposure to strong sunlight can lead to heat stroke, which is characterized by nausea, lightheadedness, and sometimes fainting. Untreated heatstroke causes heart, kidney, or brain damage.

The injuries from fire and explosions are more severe, leading to serious burns. Again, the smoke from the explosions causes suffocation and can choke you to death. Always wear protective gears while working in a hot environment, handling fire, or hot object.

Physical Stress Injuries

They occur when workers operate machines, tools, or objects. The injuries can result from awkward postures, static postures, repetitive motions, and forceful exertions.

Frequent bending or lifting of heavy objects causes muscle and joint damage over time. It can have life-changing effects on the worker.

In some cases, disorders such as hand-arm vibration syndrome may occur if you operate vibrating tools such as jackhammers and pneumatic drills.

Dust Injuries

The injuries result from exposure to dust, which contains a toxic mixture of poisonous materials and fibers. When they find their way into the respiratory system, the poisonous substances damage the lungs. Substances like asbestos and coal cause diseases such as asbestosis, asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, and silicosis.

When the dust particles land on the eyes, they can cause eye injuries. They also momentarily distract machine operators, leading to accidents. Employees in such environments should wear musk and safety goggles.

Chemical Injuries

Chemical injuries occur due to exposure to acid and alkali such as anhydrous ammonia and formic acid. Whether in solid, liquid, or gaseous state, the chemicals can burn or irritate the skin. They also cause severe organ damages if accidentally ingested.

Chemicals can irritate the eyes, or damage the eye tissues and cause blindness. Some are highly flammable and can cause a fire. Workers should wear protective clothing when handling the irritating chemicals.

Are You a Victim of Construction Injuries?

To avoid construction injuries, always keep yourself safe by following all the safety rules and regulation. Check equipment before operating them to prevent machinery failure and related accidents.

If you get injured, don’t hesitate to talk to an injury attorney who can file your claim and help you get compensation for the injuries.

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