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Facing the Aftermath of a Truck Accident in Texas: A Few Key Pointers to Keep in Mind

All road accidents are dangerous, potentially lethal and will shock anyone involved invariably. However, after going through the following pointers collected from emergency responders, actual victims and even truck accident lawyers, some situations might feel a bit easier to handle.

Call Emergency Services

The very first action after the accident should be that of ignoring everything else and calling the emergency helpline because of the following reasons:

  • Accident victims may often not realize the extent of their injuries due to adrenalin rush
  • Absence of injuries are a rarity when a large commercial truck is involved
  • If you have passengers, they may be injured or in shock instead of you
  • Even if you are lucky enough to escape serious injury, it will need to be reported anyway

The difference between life and death is often determined by how fast the call was made after an accident.

Avoid Leaving the Site of the Accident

If you are able to leave the site, don’t. Stay put until the emergency responders arrive. Not only is it illegal to leave the accident site, but it’s also unsafe for you and everyone else in the car and on the road beside you.

Adrenalin serves two functions here, and unfortunately, neither of them work in the favor of a truck accident victim.

Firstly, it will shield you for a while against realizing the symptoms of any serious or minor injury that you may have suffered during the accident. Secondly, adrenalin will make your motor coordination unsteady, and when it runs out, it will leave you confused and dazed behind the wheels.

Call the Truck Accident Lawyer

After calling the emergency services, you need to sit tight, so the next best course of action would be to call a truck accident lawyer practicing in Texas. If you are worried about not being acquainted with them beforehand, rest assured that no one ever is! 

The truck accident lawyers are prepared to help victims out of their predicament during and after the emergency, so it won’t be a problem, and if your injuries are not severe, you might be able to use their advice and make your future claim much stronger by gathering evidence.

Photos and videos are going to be a huge help, of course, but just in case you have witnesses, shoot a video to win your case with their help later on. If they are unwilling to show their faces on screen for some reason, get a voice recording or two instead.

There is practically no guarantee under any circumstances that after being in a truck accident, it would be possible for the victim to remember or carry out everything we just discussed. However, as we rely on reactions and rehearsed memory in times of emergency and stress, so at least knowing the steps well enough may help you fair better than most.

Aside from that, some of the steps such as calling your truck accident attorney can just as well be carried out later on when the situation has stabilized to a degree.

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