Are you thinking of buying a toilet?

Although this might not be a big purchase overall, there are quite a few things to consider before you go shopping. If you simply go to a store and buy the first toilet that catches your eye, you might end up with buyer’s remorse later on. A poorly selected toilet will simply not serve its purpose well, which will lead to more hardship than you need.

To learn more about what to consider when buying a new toilet, be sure to read through our entire article below!

1. Assess Your Plumbing Configuration

Buying a New Toilet

The amount of pressure available in your plumbing will have an impact on which types of toilets you can purchase and how they must be installed. Different toilets will have different inlet specifications, and you will need to find a model that is compatible with your current setup.

Additionally, the way your house is laid out and the length of pipe runs may force you to purchase a specific kind of toilet to ensure an adequate flush. Finally, consider the flushing power of the desired toilet to ensure that it can handle the amount of waste your household produces.

2. Research the Latest Technologies and Accessories

When considering a new toilet, it is important to look at the latest technologies and accessories that are available. The best smart toilet or tankless toilets, automated flush systems and air-assisted flushes. Smart pool technology is a must, providing remote flushing options and a water-efficient flush.

Additionally, it is important to consider height, with toilets available in a range of heights, as well as comfort height models. Heated seats, bidets, and nightlights are also popular accessories to add to the toilet experience.

3. Determine Your Budget


Estimate how much you can afford to spend and decide if you would like to purchase lower-priced standard models or a more expensive model with luxury features.

You should also factor in the cost of any necessary additional accessories like a toilet seat, mounting hardware, and toilet repair kits. Spending enough to get a quality product that suits your needs is important but don’t buy something that you may regret later.

4. Consider Size and Style

The size of the toilet should be based on the size of the bathroom, making sure the toilet leaves adequate room for those using it, and those passing through the area.

You should also consider the height of the toilet, checking to make sure it is comfortable for all users. You will want to research and compare materials and models to find the ones best suited to your needs.

5. Select a Quality Manufacturer

high quality toilet

Start by researching which brands specialize in the features you need, such as bowl shape, seat height, flushing system and ADA requirements, if needed. After narrowing down your list to the the most promising options, ask for recommendations from friends, family, and people in the plumbing professional.

Finally, read online reviews from verified buyers and look for details such as ease of flushing and noise levels. By paying attention to these factors, you can be confident that you’re getting a high quality toilet for your home.

Explore Your New Toilet Today

Overall, there are many factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a new toilet. It’s important to consider the features, budget, accessibility, and water efficiency. Make sure to do your research and explore all the options before making a buy.

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